The unMonastery workshop on mapping the local assets

The unMonastery workshop on mapping the local assets - does it have another form of documentation apart from the interactive map I found on the Matera2019 website? (more details, more words, more images). Would be incredibly helpful, thanks! Katalin

worldwide #MapJam last October

Shortly before lote3 many people worldwide participated in #MapJam organized by Sharing Cities Network AFAIK [andrea.paoletti] participated in one in Rome while I participated in one in Graz staying there at that time. I hope we can contribute Matera map as another reasource listed in Sharing Cities Network :slight_smile:

same same

In Ireland Kevin Flannagan of the P2P foundation and I participated in the same. Also hosting in Dublin for the Sharing Cities network.

Re: the work in MAtera , something I have noticed is the lack of recognition for assets of certain kinds, if there are any historically minded folk, or urban explorers look out for unused laneways, wlakways, disused walled off areas and read up on what is found.

Seems that via Bert Ola there is a link to another woman who is planning ‘walks’ that have applications attached where you can load the city’s ‘welcome walk’ and tap location by location as you follow a map. They are looking for partners to build this and we have a team in IRelamd who came up with the same notion independently.

If its something you want to follow up let me know, its seems they see funding the developers as the problem. It could generate another node of integration for unMon in citiestowns and in its own right its fairly integrationally based…you have to know local history , you have to find local historians, gain permissions to the city spaces as an urban explorer of sorts and so on. A very cool job that is very worth doing and would find immediate support from the local tourist office.

I don’t get

why rely on google maps for this and not use OpenStreetMap instead?

using gmaps there is no way of getting access to the maps’ underlying data. you can only look at it and be allowed the uses google gives you consent to. On the other hand OSM gives you access to everything, you are free to use it any way you like. And using a system like this, which you can replicate on your own server, you can to basically the same overlay applicaiton: uMap


Hi Simone,

You’re totally right - when we originally put this together, it was very much on the fly (not preplanned) and no one at the time was using OSM - however when I get to Matera this week one thing I’ll start working on is OSM activities, we’d like to starting mapping from the start and after your presentation at LOTE3, I’m migrating away from Google Maps. I was wondering though what’s the quickest route to export and import this existing map to OSM?



can you point me at the map you are referring to? I’ve not been able to find it.



Many thanks!

Sorry, [simonecortesi], you are of course right. The map in question is here.

Community talks

I think there is nothing better than our Community platform as a showcase of local assets. It was initially planned to create a link between Matera 2019’s Scientific Committee, the 40 questions of the bid book and local community but then became something completely different. Of the 190 mission published since last spring, many of them are projects - some of which actually took form offline. Today it is very week, and is more like a showcase of what was and what could have been but there is the place where you will find proposals from our community. Problem is, they are in Italian.

Today, we are building something different, at regional level. It is called Basilicon Valley and came to light after a series of encounters we organized in different places in Basilicata: we are slowly building it in order to map local entrepreneurs, needs and resources in order to link them with projects and funding at European level. In this community, there are many people which could be very interested in unMonastery. I am hoping to involve them if we manage to take this Che Fare thing off the ground though videos and Twitterstorms. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Another important thing, which also came out from the Community is the Open Street Map group. Several missions were posted on the theme: you will find a group of active people, and a basis on which you can build. On the 30th of January Piersoft is going to give a lecture at the University on Open Data and OSM so the community will be even bigger. I suggest

[Ben] [elf Pavlik] and other unMonasterians to attend: maybe this could also be the occasion to present the unMonastery and why not speak about Che Fare? the best thing would be to ask Piersoft directly. If you guys are interested, making contact is not hard :slight_smile:

Also, Lucia is one of the unMonasterians: here project is on developing an asset mapping tool.

Thanks for all the info!

The asset map of Matera looks great!

I have a feeling that there are going to be lots of different types of assets that people will be recording (like Basilicon Valley’s entrepreneurs!) and so if it would be useful, I could create some kind of asset map directory so that all the asset maps are being mapped.

I think mapping Matera’s physical assets onto the OSM is a good starting point and also a map official organisations (and their relationships) would be useful. Over time it will be great to move away from formal places and structures and look at less tangible mapping like how people perceive Matera, what memories, rituals and informal practices are nested in its streets and what communities and groups of Materani and currently hidden from view.

mapping memories, rituals and informal practices

love this idea! might dovetail very well with the video projects.


here is a very rough map of the assets.

PS: Steps to reproduce. Download the kml from the googlemaps version, import it to