The unPilgrim's Infopack


Hi everyone, here is most, if not all the practical information about Lote3, finally in one place: to read, print out and take with you as you travel (see .pdf version below). Big thanks to Rita Pacheco, Rita O, Ilaria, Dorotea and the hosting team contributing. See you next week and travel safe!!

Getting to Matera

By plane

The closest airport is Bari Palese (1 hour). Buses run from the airport to the Matera city centre (Piazza Matteotti) for only €4.

By train

Matera is not linked to the national railway. The closest you can get by train is to Bari Central Station, and then take the trains of the Ferrovia Appulo-Lucana (FAL). The FAL run regular trains, every 1 and a half hours, ticket is 4€. They take about 90 minutes to Matera and don’t run on Sundays, when they are replaced by some buses leaving from behind the railway station. Another option is to go through Potenza and Ferrandina on national railroad, but from Ferrandina you will have to hitch hike.

By bus

Marozzi runs daily buses to and from Rome (32,50€, every 6,5h), Siena, Pisa and Florence. Booking in advance is essential.

Sita links Matera to Taranto, Metaponto and other small towns of the province.

Marino links Matera to Milan, Bologna, Naples, and many foreign cities.

Local bus Bari - Matera

Leaving from Bari Via Turati Mater Dei and arriving in Matera Piazza Matteotti. NB: no overnight buses, the earliest leaves Bari at 6:15 am and latest at 7 or 8 pm! Check detailed timetables here

If you still haven’t found a way and need help, ask fellow LOTErs in our travel wiki.


The deals we have crafted with local b&bs were secured as long as other reservations didn’t come up. It’s last minute and it will be a holiday weekend in Matera, so we can no longer vouch for them. We do have a 20eur discount with Airbnb, or some may be still looking to share apartments. Check the accommodation wiki for updates

While in Matera

Conference venue & meeting point: the unMonastery

Online map & directions

GPS coordinates: 40.668719, 16.610585

TRAIN (Matera Centrale station) & BUS stop - Piazza Matteotti

unMonastery - Located in Palazzo del Casale, Rioni Sassi

Casa Netural cowork space located right beside Matera Cathedral - Piazza Duomo

Pasta Party Wednesday Oct 30th, starts at 15:00 - Porta de Pistola

NB: There is no street address and number. Matera is a rather small town, with one main street and no public transportation; the way you move from one place to another is by foot. If you have difficulty in finding the unMonastery, ask around about “Il Casale” or the former call center, and the locals will guide you.

Meet up with early arrivers: starting Monday October 28th the hosting team will be on location: Rita Orlando, Håvard, Noemi, Ksenya, Dorotea, Rita Pacheco, among others. If you’re also arriving early feel free to drop by the unMonastery and say hello.

Food & drinks

Matera is rather small and most coffee shops or dining places are at walking distance. There is also a café bar right across the street from the conference venue.

* Locals recommend: Vicolo Cieco, via Fiorentini 74.

* Vegetarian & Vegan food: Pianeta Verde, via Rosario 73.

Important! Due to very limited funding, unfortunately meals cannot be provided at Lote (except at the Pasta Party - see below). You can bring in your own food every day at the venue, or be prepared to buy snacks or lunch from nearby. We will be dining together a lot, and sharing food!

Local hotspots

Many cafes in the Sassi and the center of Matera offer free wi-fi – they are run by smart people, so they put up signs saying clearly so to attract punters. If you have a smartphone, this app for all main mobile OSs taps into a citizen-generated database with tens of thousands of wi-fi hotspots all over Italy.


Getting a local SIM card

Apparently all operators are ok (Tim, Wind, Vodafone and La3).

You can get a card in a shop such as Gaudiano in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

Local temperature

Autumn in the area is quite warm, but humidity is high. Average temperature around 12-15 °C. Take at least a wool sweater.


Program in English (most up to date, subject to changes): /t/lote3/312/program

Opening - Massive Pasta Party

Wednesday Oct 30th, starts at 15:00.

NEW! Opening ceremony at 18.00, on the Pasta Party site. We take a break from food preparation to meet the people that acted as LOTE3’s Matera home base: Paolo, Rossella, Claudia, Raffaella and the rest of the fine folks at Comitato Matera 2019.

Where? Santa Lucia al Convento, address is Porta Pistola.

Everyone is invited & it’s free of charge.

Daily schedule

From Thursday 31 Oct until Sunday 3 Nov: from 9:00 to 18:00

If you want to attend the early morning yoga make sure you arrive at 7:30; unless otherwise announced, the yoga practice will also take place at unMonastery.

Track 1: upSkilling for Change & Track 2: Building the unMonastery

Thursday & Friday: they run in parallel, according to the schedule. Rooms to be announced on site.

Track 3: The unConference on the Edge

Saturday & Sunday: apart from the sessions already proposed, you will also be able to put forward new ones on the spot. OR:

Consider 4 minute mini-workshops: done ad hoc, one-to-one, or to a small group of 4 or 5. In addition to the usual sessions, you can lead a mini workshop and benefit from exposing any wild thoughts, ideas, projects you have to fellow LOTErs. We will be scheduling everything together there and then.

Documenting sessions & sharing Lote with the world

Keep in mind that we can’t attend every session, there are parallel tracks and even more simultaneous sessions over the weekend. We tend to take notes anyway, but it would be great if we didn’t keep them to ourselves. Do use the documentation templates and forms you’ll be handed, or simply post summaries (text, video, mind maps etc) on, so we can continue the conversation & anchor future projects in it!

WiFi at unMonastery

Best efforts are made to make it available, but be prepared for a sensitive connection and bear with us, we will be over 100 people! Please be considerate to your fellow Edgeryders, and observe these simple steps:

  • connect no more than one device per person
  • avoid bandwidth intensive usages, like video
  • if you have a smartphone with an Italian data plan, don't use it as a hotspot without checking with [Matthias]. Your phone's wi-fi could interfere with the LOTE3 official network, and make the experience worse for others.

Hashtag for social media: #LOTE3

If you’ll be tweeting or sharing live updates from the event be sure to use the hashtag so everyone can see your message, or question. For pinging fellow LOTErs check out the growing list with everyone’s twitter handle, or subscribe to it.

Archiving & coverage

Example - on Epilogger, on Storify, on

Feel free to set up & let us know of additional tools to keep track of everything that will happen at Lote and the buzz!

Additional information:

FAQs about Matera (add your own question)

About the Sassi, Matera

Emergency contacts

Ilaria d’Auria: +39 338 664 99 93

Rita Orlando: +39 333 272 10 62

Letter from the welcoming team

Honourable unPompous Host Committee deepest wishes for all arrivees.

Unlike previous gatherings under the Living-on-the-Edge brand name, this one is unsubsidised. We will be meeting new organic challenges of both practical and spiritual nature. Beds are not automatically available, food shall not arrive miraculously on our plates. In fact, we shan’t necessarily have plates. […]

As an additional challenge to help tweak participation: the host team respectfully encourages everyone to prepare themselves as workshop leadership with a ‘mini’ 4 minute workshop that we can exchange in small groups as small as one-on-one. Workshop themes can be as wide as possible, either in or outside the thematic realm of the unMO and the 46 actions of community service. A separate posting that further unpacks the possibilities in this suggestion will soon be available.

Read it all from Bembo, Dorotea & Håvard


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Bravo Noemi

Everything in one place helps some of the myths float away.  I shall also be coming down on the 27th.

Two practical things from the Host group that people might miss if they don’t open our letter — the value of sitting equipment - pillows and blankets and eating kit.  I know we are travelling light, but such is the burden of unMoners…

Thanx Noemi! Just wanted to ask someth

As soon as I get to Materaon the 27th I would really like to meet straight away those who already arrived. May be before I figure out simcards and the internet. Please, excuse my agitation about meeting up, but I would like to have some sort of tuoch-and-go landing strip. May be one particular cafe, or any space where those who arrive before the event can meet. I’m not thinking of a particlar time of an appointment, but a location which increases the chance of running into each other.

Wow, I really have hard times to express myself in simple words today. Lets meet on the 27th! Time doesn’t matter, just tell me roughly where? How about a café bar right across the street from the conference venue? or something with wifi?

Or am I being weird? Of course I can just relax and stop thiking about it. It’s probably just a frustration from communicating online too much… I’m such an offline conversation junkie.

Vicolo Cieco?

You’re quite funny K, it’s because we know each other quite well by now and I’m familiar with your tone i always end up smiling when I read you. You have a way of writing that feels just like you’re talking in front of me :slight_smile:

So, Vicolo Cieco is the bar I’ve been recommended by our friends in Casa Netural, which is why i put it in the pack also.

here is its location on the map and facebook page. we can meet at 16:00 and spend the afternoon there, on Sunday.  Worls?

pinging [Bembo Davies], [havartu], [Dorotea], [Rita O], [pacheca], [Elena Karlsen], [Giuseppe], [david de belleville] and whoever wants to join us.

Also, see you tomorrow in the super light community call  to work out other details or guide one another, virtual hand hold etc :))

Hi all, I will be arriving in Matera on Tuesday Oct 29. I guess I’ll just walk to the unMonastery to establish contact. See you then, D

Cool, thanx!

That helps. Vicolo Cieco!

Free wifi at Bari Airport

Short tip from my travel experience today: There is free wifi available at the airport’s entrance hall. That’s nice if you have to wait or to look something up, but it’s a bit tricky to get it to work:

  1. Connect to the open wifi named "linkem".
  2. Open a browser and try to visit a page. It will fail, but a page will show where you can apply for access for free.
  3. To apply, enter your mobile number in that form. A SMS with username and password will be sent to it. This also works with international mobile numbers, but you must not include any spaces into the number (even though that's not documented and contradicts international format). Use just digits and the "+" sign to start the international prefix.
  4. After some time or not using the connection (about an hour or so?), the session expires. The username and password are still valid, but you have to re-login. Remember that if you meet with strange errors in Internet-enabled software that is not a browser (e-mail clients, apps etc.).

Bari Airport to Matera tips

Another travel experience from today: If you want to take the bus from Bari Aeroporto to Matera, it’s called “Pugliairbus” and the station is simply to the right when leaving the Airport entrance hall through a front exit. You can buy a ticket directly at the driver (though that’s nearly nowhere advertised). Instead you’re usually told to buy a ticket online at This works when you’re still at your desktop computer, but this is a very cumbersome process with a mobile device and needs printing a PDF as last step, so not applicable when you’re already travelling (at Bari Airport, there is no option to print something whatsoever).

Booking online however includes a guaranteed seat (through a reservation), but that additional Euro is actually wasted since the buses seem not too much in use (5 people in a 30 people bus today). But maybe for travelling back when you have to catch a plane … but for that case, Noemi’s linked document says that making a reservation is also possible by calling +39 835 901443 (not tried yet).

Also, depending on when you arrive, you might have to wait for the next bus for 3.5 hours. In this case, it’s faster to go by train: there’s a train station directly at the Airport from which trains go to Bari Centrale, and from there you can go to Matera.

And some more GPS coordinates:

In addition to the coordinates Noemi posted, here are some more:

  • Matera centrale station: geolocation 40.665877,16.612058
  • bus stop at Piazza Matteotti (where the buses from Bari Airport arrive): geolocation 40.66531,16.60105
  • Vicolo Cieco bar: geolocation 40.66747, 16.61015
  • nice little supermarket in the middle of the Sassi (called "Diva" / "Divalla"): 40.665485,16.609741

Note that these coordinates are really helpful if, for example, you rely on the OpenStreetMap data, which are very uncomplete in the Sassi. For example OSMdroid~ is a truly open source (and truly great) offline map and routing app for Android, and you can simply place “favorites” at the above coordinates in that app and use them as targets (without routing in the Sassi then obviously, but it’s still a great help).


Buongiorno e Buona domenica!

So how was first night in Matera? I’m getting there tomorrow evening, quite late.

Tuesday morning, at 10,30 there is the press conference for the LOTE3: apparently this information came out of the MT2019 Committee but didn’t circulate. It’s in the Municipality. I would suggest that who wants can come, in representation of the ER community.

How about meeting point in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, in front of the Gran Caffè (bar) at 10?

Just reading you while with the team on site

:slight_smile: Hi Ilaria,

We’ll try to make it Tuesday morning, see you there!

Tomorrow we’ll be splitting between the unMonastery and Casa Netural, helping install wifi and deciding on the spaces/rooms we’ll be using…


So are you writing this from Matera :slight_smile: Cannot wait to see your twinkling eyes when you see the city!

Let’s keep it free and flexible. In any case well’ meet up asap!


Will  be there a live internet streaming of press conference ?

I can’t come tomorrow morning . I am  looking forward to meet you all Wednesday!

Hi, unfortunately no


we wont be livestreaming (no microphones and adequate equipment), but the good news is you haven’t missed anything! Over the last days we have been simply setting up the unMonastery venue, bringing in logistical stuff, materials etc to make sure it’s done by Thursday… so see you then!


Thank you, Noemi.

Sounds good! See you there! :slight_smile:

Hi Everybody!

Hi! Me and my friend Elda just arrived in Matera and can’t wait to share the Lote experience with all of you! Enjoy! Ramona Bavassano