The Young Generation in an Innovative, Inclusive and Sustainable Europe

I think we should focus on the Youth Call, but the call in itself is not promoting any ICT component, as far as I perceive it.

I wanted to conceive the whole research around an application that functions like Stafford Beer's VSM, along the lines of "provider resilience" app or the "mood tracker" app (look it up in the appStore), but we model it for the typical Young European Job seeker / freelance-precarious / intern / temp worker

who has to do constant self-assessment, and is connected to a platform.

The app provides a crisis-button but also has warning lamps attached (they go off when too many indicators go south, like “no job, no intern, no money”, etc.) . They are visible for the user, and for the other peers on the platform, who would then, through swarm empathy-intelligence come to help this particular user, thus building the “new social safety-net”.

The key assumption here is: Like in Healthcare, there are basic vital functions and behaviors that make your immune system strong (or weak), in this case, the research has to focus on those vital functions that are related to the labour market and your skills/well-being/motivation. When these key vital functions are in place and in synch with the labour market, things should be fine and you’re in a position where you can help other peers. If not, or if you move into “transition”, you need help from these peers.

edgeryders (the community) is kind of close to that peer group (for a pilot project), that I have in mind, but eventually, there shouldn’t be any restrictions (the bigger the better).

Where would this idea fit?



I don’t think the fact that the initial call we thought of is broad and hasn’t got a specific focus on ICT is a problem, after all if they don’t mention what methods they’re expecting it should point that there’s room for ideas; but then I’m no expert…

However if you’re not convinced you could consider having a look at Societal Challenges-New forms of innovation, most of which mention ICT enablers.  I’m usually checking this overall view of calls but even so, it can be pretty dense, so it takes so time to find a good fit.