Things we need to share

the things i have had to share have come and gone, as has the need to share others things.

land, accomodation, transport,  skills, food, money, clothes; all of those both ways =good

when i have it others can always use my roof and sofa, this is an increasingly important commodity, when moving around my generation doesnt have the financial security or inclination to save a deposit and rent and work out if an area can provide, or travelling to gigs and appointments, sofa surfing is an invaluable commodity.

i have an allotment, and therefore share the bumper crops. i also share the space so anyone is welcome to come and help, learn about agriculture and grow their own produce. this is a good thing to share as the space becomes communal, sharing labour, space, food and ideas.

ideas are always free. and technical skills should be shared. i would willingly help anyone learn anything i know for free. being competent but not qualified means that it would be hard to put a price on many skills, and this situation arises by learning these skills for free in the first place.

things i need to share;

transport,  it can be quite hard to work up the confidence to hitch hike, websites that help people car share are genius. but mostly work around events like festivals. vehicle sharing is increasingly more important, and with prices going up, most people would probably appreciate the petrol money. not just from travelling from place to place, but increasingly for transporting materials. as an artist i find i need to move work around, as well as equiptment and produce from the allotment. i have a list of everyone i know with a van, and normally offer a generous amount for petrol but a lot less than hiring a van, its a good way if you have a van to help pay for it, to offer to help people move stuff. expecialy in regards to salvaging from skips, dumps and deralict areas.

sofa surfing websites are good, but i prefer to know a person because i feel vulnerable but the offer of a sofa to stay on means a lot more than just £40 saved from a b&b, its a great way to feel included and also you can offer the same thing back. normally if i stay in someones i will clean up their house a bit by way of sharing chores.

an online list of people with vans who may need some money, and a status on social network sites that shows your happy to sofa surf would be cool things.

What kind of artist?

Your Edgeryders profile does not tell me what kind of an artist you are. Sharing needs (because of logistics) must be quite different between, say, potters and dancers. Hmmm…

Actually I did find a Facebook app for Coushsurfing:

extra info

sorry, it was my first post, i just wasnt sure how much to include or how personal to make it. is the reason for the mission to find out what people are sharing with eachother, or to find ways of making those things available to people who are not yet being able to share those things? or somthing else?

there are other things i realised that are quite important to share when you have or dont have.

phones. the internet. accounts to movie websites. subscriptions. clothes, printers, scanners, and books.

the kind of artist i am doesnt require specialist equiptment. when i was talking about sharing skills, i was thinking about music, D.I.Y, yoga/stretching and horticultre. but i have experience of people sharing other skills with me for free, such as computer skills, letter writing, job application forms, making preserves etc

pretty much anything that you dont know how to do but cant afford to pay for a course on, could be shared in a community that you can give back to your own skills.

Just comparing notes

We are trying to figure out

  1. what people are sharing
  2. what people would like to share
Edgeryders feeds into a research and policy design exercise, so discovering is the first thing. But of course it is completely possible - in fact it is already happening - that Edgeryders learn stuff from each other and change their sharing behavior as a result. I guess you will see more of this once people meet in person in Strasbourg.