Third consortium meeting: how about the second week of November?

Back in Brussels, we decided that the third opencare consortium meeting would happen in Milan, in November 2016, hosted by WeMake.

We are now planning the rest of the year, and would like to have final dates for the meeting as soon as possible. As it is now, I am personally planning to be travelling starting on the 12-13th of November, onto the end of the month or early December. So, we propose November 7-9 or thereabout as dates for the consortium meeting. @Costantino , does this work for you guys?



on that week probably 7-9 Nov we’re plannig a workshop @ Cern with Scimpulse @markomanka @massimo

on 12th and 13th November there will be the Hacking Health Hackaton (we’re involved in the organization)

so the Consortium Meeting will be (probably - cause we’re making the last check with the Comune di Milano staff) on 28th and 29th November.

We’ll hope you can adjust.

I’ll confirm this schedule before the end of this week.

Two days only?

Are we sure we won’t need more time?

We may want to hold activites apart from holding the consortium meeting.

This will be our last meeting before we submit the mid-term review. Everyone – each WP manager – will need to come with version_1, complete and almost final, of their WP report. FInancial reporting will need to be securely on track – nothing like what happened for the July rehearsal.


let us know what do you think

Hi @melancon

I was thinking to use the same pattern:

Mon 28th Official Cons Meeting with 2 session (morning and afternoon)

Tue 29th Workshop

Let us know what do you @melancon and @Alberto think would be the best structure.


We need one more day – more time spent together

There are reasons to ask for this special effort. We need at lest one more 1/2 day, extend the meeting until Wed Nov 30.

We need to get together more than what has been happening until now. I would like each partner to take time and present what they have been doing, how it relates to what the others are doing etc. My guess is 1/2h to explan and maybe showcase (video, demo, data, etc.) and 1/2h Q&A. This requires two 3h sessions, that is a full day.

This will turn out to be quite useful in view of the mid-term review.

Talking about the review, the Milan meeting will be the last time we see each other before we submit our report and get reviewed in Brussels. We probably need time to get prepared. One thing is sure, we need each and very WP leader to submit their report_v1 before we meet in Milan. The meeting will give us the opportunity to adjust things.

I’m ready to hear any opinion or advice on this …


Please react

I posted this here a while ago. I sincerely think 2 days is not enough. We need to get prepared for mid-term review! We will only see us again in Brussels with the reviewers!

@Alberto and @markomanka and @Rossana_Torri and @Costantino and @Lakomaa

Make sure you only leave Milano on Wed 30 afternoon. I will post later on about what you should already have in hand (early versions of tech reports) so we are sure to make it for the review.


The calendar needs updating

Whoa, I knew nothing about these events. Maybe they should be on the calendar?

Yes, at the moment we can still adjust. But we need to confirm the dates ASAP.

28-29/11 works for me

however not the other suggested dates

28-29/11 works for me too


plan of admin needs

Hi @melancon

I think it’s better to have a light recap from @LuceChiodelliUB about the next step of the admin.

Like a plan with the action needed from now till the Review.

So it will be easier for us to understand what kind of things needs to be done before, during and after the meeting.

Getting ready

Sure, we need to recap things, so that we all have a clear view of what to do. I will prepare an agenda to coordinate our work. We could also have a call about the agenda and the preparation of the reporting, so that we review the process and the dates together, know of each partner’s role and own schedule.

Before this call, you can take a look of what is expected by the EC in the periodic report template provided by the EC and the presentation about reporting I had made back in June.

Separate thread

The interim report deserves a separate thread, @LuceChiodelliUB . I will start one myself.

works for us too


For us, me and @Rossana, it’s ok 28/29/30 of November. We had yesterday a meeting about the agenda with @Costantino.