Third Webinar: Power Pitch & Story Telling

About the webinar

Preparing a convincing pitch is indeed a critical step in the eyes of young social entrepreneurs, since it will ease the process of raising funds and turning their project ideas into reality while assuring the expected positive impact on their communities.

On Monday, February 17, 2020, starting from 5.00 pm CET, our guest speaker, @matteo_uguzzoni, will share with us how to use the power of pitching and storytelling to conquer and retain the audience’s attention and use it to achieve the desired action.

Matteo Uguzzoni has designed strategic presentations for top leadership at Luxottica, Vodafone, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, UniCredit, eBay, Italian Ministry for Economic Development, and the Tunisian Ministry for Tourism.

During the Webinar you will learn

  • How to sell your project/idea to your audience to reach your personal goals
  • How to craft your message and a persuasive reasoning
  • How to design your slide deck to support your live presentation
  • How to research your performance and prepare yourself for a live meeting
  • How to conquer and retain the attention of the audience to reach your desired action
  • And more!

How to register?

Please register by filling out the form

This event is free of charge, yet we have a limited number of available spots. Better hurry!

For more information about the webinar, please leave a comment below.


You should know that this webinar will be aired in the following coworking spaces:

Also, it will be followed, on Friday, February 21, 2020, by an online Lab’’ Your time to master sales," that aims to assess the feedback to improve the acquired lessons from the webinar.

What is OCI Lab?

Open Collective Intelligence Lab is a Peer to Peer online inclusive incubator that supports aspiring young social entrepreneurs in the MENA region through online mentoring and networking.


Hello, I am Ichraf Jarray, a computer engineer, social activist, and founder of Hive 12 Coworking Space, one of the first collaborative Coworking spaces in Sousse.

In collaboration with OCI LAB, Hive12 hosted in 17th of February, 2020 a Webinar untitled Power Pitch & Storytelling with Matteo Uguzzoni

Out of a total of 39 people, only 24 attended the Webinar, including 14 women and ten men coming from different backgrounds ( students, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even teachers as well as professionals ). The average age was 27 years old.
The diversity among the participants created an extraordinary atmosphere with a dynamic exchange.
The Webinar process was smooth and easy to follow.
All the participants were fully engaged, even during the exercises. It was an outstanding learning experience.

All the feedbacks during the coffee break and after we finished were positive and all the participants had loved this unique experience and the majority was asking about the upcoming events.


Hello @ichraf thank you for sharing this, it was really good to spend some time together!


Thanks for your time and for sharing your experience with us :pray:
Hope to see you soon in Tunisia for a live workshop :slight_smile: