This is Inspiring pt 2: small farmer heirloom corn from Mexico

Follow this link to a set of videos from a company called Macienda. This small company, founded by one guy, goes into Mexico and finds the best heirloom corn from small farmers and imports it back into the US to make real tortillas like they have done for centuries. If you think tortillas and corn are pretty much the same then you just have not tasted the difference. I know because my wife bought some of this amazing corn and hand ground it to make the best tortillas I have eaten since we bought some from an old granny in a street market in Zacatecas in 2001.

Anyway, it reminded me of the coffee sorter and the small scale coffee farmers in Nepal. One thing of note is in his very modern way of promoting his product, Jorge the founder made a video about the company starting before he actually launched it. Which got me thinking that something similar could be useful for the coffee sorter project. (So - you better get started!)

Anyway, this is a company doing something good for the farmer and the consumer.

@anu and @matthias check it out!


@johncoate I checked. It is nice to know that they are partnering with farmers and helping small scale farmers. Exactly what we are intending to do for coffee roastery. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: