This week on Edgeryders (05/05 - 11/05)

Conference news: One month left and we are busy bees!! Do you want to be one of us and work so we can make the magic happen? We are running several volunteer teams as well as breakout sessions! Choose your topic and collaborate to make it happen. Edgeryders Conference - Volunteer

Campaign news: Resilience is a measure of a community’s or a society’s ability to adapt to sudden changes in ecological or social circumstances, while still retaining its social and material functions. Help the Council of Europe and the European Commission think about what works best for future resilience, in new ways, and come up with innovative policies. Take one of the mission briefs and share your local community’s projects on resilience. The most read and commented mission report of this week is “Making a Living on the Edge: Jon Bounds” by Cataspanglish. 

"Jon Bounds is without doubt one of the most creative people I have ever met"

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