Thoughts after #lote & #edgecamp

I'm a visual thinker and social introvert. I've always avoided (static) conferences. Many years I have been focusing more on one-to-one meeting, and trying to hang out with as many types of personalities as possible (as a way of understanding the world and getting insightful input). Edgeryders had been my first conference. I guess that was because \#LOTE gave me a feeling of using less university-lectures-style-setup favoring a practice more like the alternative education and informal learning I got used to the last years.
 #lote & \#edgecamp.

#1 Edgeryders is an extremely diverse community

Felt it was a big diversity in what people did and who they were. This really created a good vibe in the group. Not only diverse interpersonal but intrapersonal. Most of us are interdisciplinary hybrids that are hard to pinch down to: one thing, one identity, one title. This leads to the need for the second point.
#2a Need for skill-mapping 
In terms of presenting oneself I really feel that a majority have done so many different things with different fields so its hard to present yourself quickly. I think that we as a community would benefit alot from defining skills and make that visible to everyone. I believe that the digital have the possiblity to beat eye to eye discussions in that way. Creating a searchable/regroupable/clusterable/visual overview.
#2b Need for project-mapping 
The same with the above point. Create an easy graspable overview of the projects we did online.
#2c Need for a quick access document for getting in contact with the edgeryders through different platforms.
#3 I want to know more HOW people work!
Though my work last year with Project of How I've been very interested in HOW people do/work/creative, not just WHAT they do. As Ben mentioned in his report we started building up and then defining an idea called Co-Monasteries. From the discussion, Ben, Nadia & I sat down saturday night and just WROTE it down. Working together. Colaborating with Google docs, but I really liked the silent process of defining and once in a while talking about things we wanted to highlight. Benefits of digital collaboration (doing & creative solitude) with the benefits of working together physically (
#4 Follow-ups where we actually start to work together on projects.
#5 Overviews & summaries collected in one place!
Think we really would benefit from having skill- & project-mapping. Contacts list and ideas about new projects overviewable and easy accessable. 

How (no pun intended) would you see the mapping happen?

Hi Ola, thanks for sharing this synthesis. It´s in time for the newsletter we´re supposed to send out in the aftermath of lote this week :slight_smile: My question is how, how would we go about doing the skill and project mapping in a way that is ieasy to manage in a decentralised manner? The reason being it would have to be something maintained by community members, any ideas?

First addressing needs, then designing solutions…

Nadia, I adopted a passive viewpoint in the post. I have ideas how that could be carried out design-wise. If someone could code it. Google spreadsheet combined with a google forms could also be a start.

But also just wanted to air the need I saw and see how people responded and if you agree on that being important. It’s important that we create backed by the ER society based on a need. I guess the skill-mapping is useless if we won’t fill it in.


I’m in! hoping to get a prioritization of issues we’d like to see done in the near future. Many things on  adding up on to do list. Particularly because of the increasingly large no. of projects, in various stages of development (!). We tried the mapping with an actual visualization tool - The Map of Futurebuilders, but its reach was beyond Edgeryders in the community.

The platform was designed to make projects and skills easily accesible via the user profiles, I think we could hard to keep up when Edgeryders working simultaneously on several projects…

Clusters of activity

The idea of a monastary goes beyond skill mapping - to skill trapping .

Ola’s question then begets a second; how can we stimulate compatible constellations of ERs to find one another in synergic projects?

While we bash this one out, I’m trying to do my Homework… and feed the idea of Edgestations.

(‘Co-monastary’ won’t work as a name.  The 80% of our languages that borrow heavily from Latin will have all local press making coma jokes before we even get started.)

Visionary Activism


Our Nomadic Residency initiative invites local government to host nodes of cutting edge social renewal.  
A typical three-year residency houses a fluid collective of interrelated project workers with access to a network of global tools.  
The group’s steadily expanding ring of projects are designed to interact with local community based initiatives and provide visceral stimulus for community rebuilding between youth and a culture of visionary governance.

(need to say something on infrastructure - practical permaculture, hexayurts, low eco-footprint of first tier needs, then evolution to address outer tier concerns through colaberations with local community.)

People in our network are involved in diverse projects both digitally and ‘analogue’ communities.  
Here we should provide a selection of examples of member’s pursuits under development :  (Let’s find 4-5 key ones which address complementary facets of ‘our’ concerns. The process of distilling which projects to headline is in itself growth stimulating.  As a mock up, i offer this list…)

  • Participatory Budgeting -- nurturing the economic commons.  (provide best link...)
  • Betwixt Polarities - a dynamic 'human rite' that provides procedural grounding and mission alignment for citizen initiatives (see our brilliant notes after workshop with Rysjek++ that responded to Saturday's desire for tangible positive and negative totems.  I'll put this up as seperate mission...)
  • 'State in a Box'   - Conceived by Vinay/Arthur? as the ultimate survival tool for local government in acute transition, this project invites to serious constructive re-think of our political culture.  It needs augmenting with 'state of mind in a box' -- actions to rewire social cohesion among the citizenry.
  • Mattias's web -- need more info on this but it sounds like a valuable libary tool.

Just mentioned the monastery idea we had because as an example of how effective we worked together. But talking about the idea its more about creating enabling meeting-places and creative hubs that can benefit cities and vice versa.

Think the skill & projectmapping would be a good first step in overlooking people at #lote and possible co-labs competences etc. and I think that also would enable us to work more de-centralized and understand how we could organize us more like a dynamic rhizome/movement and less like a static network.


I think this a really pragmatic and realistic approach, and for what it’s worth I completely agree with “edgestations” or something of that ilk: i think co-monasteries is too loaded with ambiguities and connotations…

Equitable living…

Let’s buy back , and win, and then share everything. I’m in the circles of the dance world and circus arts and commnicate with various electronic music collectives and visual and vocal artists. A lot of people are looking for ways to connect jobs they see need doing, into the distributed workload of skilled networks. There are media producers and graphic designers, both of the world’s leaders a in software for video projection mapping are fire spinners and friends and in these communities people are budding into action, the question of urgency is to adapt facilitation models to channel the coming tide in an efficient way, maximising the exergic potential of digital infrastructure.

Designing a game

#1 At some point, my mind was about to explode with all these good vibes and good people !

Others #

I presented an idea during a session at unconference about a serious game that I already intended to test with edgeryders community. I hope you will like the idea.


Working Doc

This tool will be designed to link people together considering what they need and what they can offer. It will suggest micro-local communities and meta-worldwide communities so that people can get in touch and inspire each others.

 This tool can be linked somehow with demopolitique and could get also linked to edgeryders and also with Netention
- The second step is to build some kind of online survey that will be suggested to edgeryders members and everyone willing to contribute and give feedback.
- The third step will be to develop an application similar to community games and test it locally.
I'm actually working on finding the best way to test it out, any feedback or idea is more than welcome.
An heuristic map is being built an a collaborative platform, anyone willing to participate can send me a mail at znirgal (at)

Heuristic map V2 :


I also started to try to find funds and a place near Epinal in France to build this kind of community, which is one of the many projects emerging from edgeryders :

Open Meta-System and Micro-Communities model.