Thoughts from: Culture Culture #Brussels June 28th

We had some fun in the sun for meeting No. 2 in Brussels for culture culture.
The meeting was super lax yet productive. We used the Case clinic methodology which seems to be very effective with a very focused group. To be honest, being outside and enjoying the heat of the sun, I feel, distracted us a bit and it was easy to go on tangents (useful ones none the less).

The methodology we used also put some pressure on me as the host- at first I was apprehensive and wanted to make sure I presented the case as accurately as possible. Even though the format was clearly described before, where participants could ask clarifying questions and paint a better picture from the host’s answers. As the case clinic went on it became clear that it was meant to be a back and forth of ideas that really did serve the sole purpose of allowing one to see the case from a different perspective.

So there are some cons but they do not overpower the pros.

The evening proved to be refreshing as some new faces came forth and some connections were made - Specifically between artist commons and communa- that otherwise would not have happened without the meeting and discussion.

I am eager to hear other’s thoughts on the evening as it really demanded some focus on two specific cases. How was it from the other side?


Well, that’s good enough for me already. Over time, maybe we get to tell more stories of collaboration happening through open platforms. Thanks for mentioning it.

Sorry for the slight pressure, not intended. You and Sophie both did so great, these things we would not find in another conversation.

@Marina mentioned to me she thinks one case instead of two would fare better, given the limited time we have. That way, we can dwelve longer on the advice and action points. Do you have any other suggestions for the format?

PS I’m also preparing the summary based on our notes, bear with me :slight_smile:


Yes, I just wanted to write this. One case would be easier to handle in this timeframe and we could focus better.

I liked the fact that we were in the park, but maybe it would be more comfortable if we sat somewhere on the grass in the shade, in a picnic-like setting :slight_smile:

Regarding the case clinic methodology, I generally like it, but I also think it’s not an issue if we go out a little bit from the set process. It is natural that people when giving their observations want to jump right on providing the solution to what they recognized as a problem. If we continue to use this excercise I’m sure we could improve and control more the interventions. In the end, it’s more about what comes out of the discussion and I felt the meetup was in general useful - everyone was able to learn something from others, give and receive advice, so looking forward to the next one! :slight_smile: