Three possible precursors for JEDI

As part of the research strategy that we outlined in 2021, we are thinking to create a proposal (for now to Horizon) called JEDI, for Justice, the Environment, Democracy and Inclusion. We want to investigate how environmental policies might combine “intersectionally” with each other and with other policies to impact inequalities.

As we look for the “right” call, it has been suggested that we look into TRANSFORMATIONS. I had a look at what went on doing Horizon 2020, with only partial success. It looks like TRANSFORMATIONS did, indeed start looking into inequalities, but towards the end of the framework programme it had picked up a specifical interest in culture and heritage.

Anyway, I have found three projects that could be precursors for JEDI:

  1. TECHNEQUALITY, coordinated by U Maastricht. Focused on technological innovation.
  2. UPLIFT, coordinated by the Metropolitan Research Institute in Budapest. Focused on cities and with a participatory flavour.
  3. URBANA, coordinated by ICLEI. Actually a CSA, again with an urban focus.

if we can link this to climate finance then there is possibility to bring in some good people?

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Im thinking specifically about climategains here

Ok I had a chat with @OmaMorkie about this and we are on board to work on this together wth you @alberto. We need to finish our pitch and then we can organise a call to meet and discuss further.


Today I had a meeting with ICLEI, coordinating partner of URBANA, on the possibility to partner up on JEDI. We each introduced to the other side; I represented JEDI alone, Lucia Di Paola and Matthew Koch represented ICLEI.

ICLEI and the next round of Horizon calls

  • They are not bidding for the CSA we had spotted, “Knowledge platform and network for social impact assessment of green transition policies”.
  • They are interested in “Tackling inequalities in the green and digital transitions”, and also in “Housing inequalities”. Both these we had flagged as candidates for JEDI.
  • They are potentially interested in coming on board with JEDI, depending on the result of their pending evaluations.
  • They are generally reluctant to coordinate calls. Feel more at ease with CSAs, if they lead RIAs they need an academically very strong consortium. Matthew pointed out that there is no absolute barrier, and they could coordinate if they detect the right situation
  • They do have access to high-powered academics, but that does not mean they are able to persuade them to coordinate Horizon proposals. Anguelowski, for example, has decided she does not want to do Horizon projects anymore.

What’s next

After the summer (early September), we should reconnect. They will know more about their pending evaluations, and will be scanning calls. At this point, we will share a JEDI concept note, and, if they come onboard, then… they will come onboard.