Three ways the Edgeryders company supports applications

Hi folks,

Some of us have been silent since the last update but that’s only because funding applications (and large ones like Horizon) take time to fully get our heads around them! This is an update on how the Edgeryders company can support a number of community members’ applications, depending on what we each need and the stage we are in with the work.

The reason why we’ve incorporated in the first place is to be able to back community members in bidding for larger opportunities, especially if you’re working outside an organisation or you need one that’s more aligned with the topic of your proposal. So the hope is our tiny corporation can help you submit a successful proposal, and here’s how:

  1. Do it together approach - You use Edgeryders LBG as applicant in your project, and company directors and community work together. We have the (human) resources to put time into working to develop 2-3 applications, go after partners and actually help with the legwork. EU applications are time consuming so it makes sense we do this in tight collaboration, with more of us who share the workload. Some Edgeryders have already put themselves forward, it’s up to seeing how the work progresses. Hoping the ideas will live !
  2. Do it yourself approach - You use Edgeryders LBG as applicant in your project, but only need help with the signing off of the application. Say you want to enter a bid, you know your application and got a team, but organisationally are too small or too big to manage the admin, not in the right country etc and you need a company like this. We’re happy to support you with the legalese, check that budgets are realistic and submit it on your behalf as Edgeryders, as long as you’re driving it and taking responsibility to manage the project.
  3. Edgeryders as a partner, not an applicant - You’re from a different tribe or organisation and are looking to hook up with an interesting group like ours. We are interested in requests to enter into EU partnerships, coalitions and consortia, especially because these are opportunities to develop our collective intelligence technology and increase our ability to support regeneration and intergenerational collaboration. Edgeryders role in such consortia could be as technology enablers, methodological proofing or dissemination providers. Our specialties: Collective intelligence and community building, social science research, ethnography, resilience, social innovation, foresight. Learn more about the company services here.

Here are some of the funding areas the company and some community members have been looking into:


How does this sound to you? Do you see your project fitting in any of the three cases above of collaboration with and within Edgerders? If you are working on an idea or application already and you missed the ongoing discussions in this group, feel free leave a comment below and explain what exactly you need help with, for either of the 3 options. We’ll make it work :slight_smile: