Ticket Available for re:Publica

HI All,

op3ncare is going to re:Publica! https://re-publica.de/16/session/care-communities-non-zero-sum-provision-health-and-social-care

For #32c3 Massimo Santi kindly offered to cover accomodations for two other community members because he wanted to share the experience with others. I thought I’d follow his example and try to get a ticket for another member of the community becase they’re quite pricey (350 Euros). It worked! So we have one to give away. If you need a place to stay we can check with Berlin based members of the community can host you. In exchange I ask that you do a writeup on the edgeryders.eu blog to share what you learned with others who could not make it. Tweet at @edgeryders to claim the ticket. Use hashtags: op3ncare #rpTEN health