Ticket policy definition + join the team page

We started this conversation during last Thursday community call but couldn’t manage to get into details.

Ticket policy for LOTE5 keeps being the same as LOTE4:

Tickets to LOTE4 are not free of charge, but they are not for sale either. The only way to get one is to earn it by helping build the event in collaboration with others.

I would like to set up the ticket policy support (join the team page) asap. Will we use Makerfox? Shall I create an account for LOTE5? What was the criteria you were using in LOTE4 in order to weight contributions?

I cannot access LOTE4 Makerfox page dedicated to the completion of tasks and registrations. Help? @Matthias

We already have several tasks that need to be assigned by this week, I would love to create the registration page + Makerfox by this Wednesday.

Grazie :slight_smile:

Reuse existing join team page and skip makerfox?

  1. Why not reuse the same join the team page as for last year?We just send out an email to the list inviting them to join, stay in or opt out…This way people who are coming again don’t need to go through hassle again of registration etc.

  2. We set up this team joining page using blocks that are tasks- they look different because they are featured tasks. The idea was to make it easy for people to know what kind of help is needed and how they can make themselves available for it. This worked well, so I  think we should keep it.

  3. What is not so great is that at the moment to do the actual coordination in each team you have 2 choices: set up a call in the lote5 group, or leave comments on the task page itself. This gets quite messy and overwhelms our inboxes because then everyone involved in LOTE5 gets notifications from every team.

  4. So an improvement could be if each team should had its group for coordination so as not to spam others who are not interested in those tasks. The featured tasks (what you assign to yourself when you click orange button) can include a link to the actual team coordinbation group and the team leader can manually add people to that group when they sign themselves up on the team page. Some teams groups already exist like the one for social media/outreach. Others would need to be created.

Maybe others like have different suggestions/can help a bit with setting it up?

Or tasks are just tasks?

The so called “teams” in Join a team were in fact featured tasks. What we could do is have all tasks in LOTE5 listed there nicely… yes they are diverse and we’ll see a lot of notifications but the LOTE5 group is just for that - encouraging the community to get involved in the process for organising our conference, so I don’t see any issues.

Collaboration happens inside each task.

For LOTE5 registrations, we set up the main event where people are asked 2 things:

  1. press Attend and update their profiles so we know who everyone is. (we’ll have a live list of registered people, with automated bio retrieval in a minisite page like this)

  2. leave a comment letting us know which task you have completed and where.

  3. expect a formal confirmation of your registration as a reply to your comment.

I can have the minisite page for teams ready tomorrow so you can have a look. What we’d need to do is agree between us on a format for each task (very clear title + instructions + deadline + “LOTE5 ticket” tag assigned to it so I know that I need to add it as featured task).

In this scenario, teams will be forming as people take on similar tasks or take on a task together. We also learn to use the task feature more effectively as a community because they will be concrete and all in one place.

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Let’s give it a try

With a combination of both your solutions:

  • keep it linked to LOTE5 registration (Click attend –> create profile –> join a team –> choose a task assigned to your team)

  • create different team coordinationgroups so that spam isn’t an issue.

- blocks are tasks: We set up this team joining page using blocks that are tasks- they look different because they are featured tasks.

I cannot see it in the Join the Team page now so I don’t really understand (there’s just an unaccessible MakerFox page), but if you say it worked it’s a good idea!

This week tasks then would look like:

LOTE sales and fundraising efforts

  • Create one page description LOTE5: Make a one page description of event (the format being fail #unfail: talk-workshop couples which result in individuals upgrading their skills and all of us leaving with a tangible takeaway ( a co-created e-book of cases and how-to guides that comes out of the event). Deadline: Friday 6/11. “LOTE5 ticket”

Make a one page description of event (the format being fail #unfail: talk-workshop couples, which result in individuals upgrading their skills and all of us leaving with a tangible takeaway ( a co-created e-book of cases and how-to guides that comes out of the event).

  • Create wiki supporting partners: Create a wiki of supporting partners that could be interested in partnering and financing the co-creation e-book of cases “fail unfail”. Deadline Thursday 5/11. “LOTE ticket”

LOTE communications and social media team

  • Publish the opening post for the development track: publish on the Edgeryders platform a post on an fail unfail story in development. Deadline Friday 6/11. “LOTE Ticket”

Ping @Natalia_Skoczylas, who was on the  Edgeryders Nepal team when the earthquake hit earlier this year and coordinates the track on failures in development - how to avoid them, spot them in the making, and fix things before it’s too late. Ping also @KiraVde that was ready to help out and publish by Friday night.

  • Tweet/Share/Write about the opening post: push the development track forward and reach out by writing content and pushing social media attention on the blog posts. Deadline: Friday 6/11. “LOTE Ticket”

Web and tech development team

  • Set up Join the Team page: quoting @Nadia for each team, we need 2-3 people to look at the campaign and activity calendar and breakdown the work needed into clearly defined tasks that others can do. Let us know if you want to help set up the page, the manual for setting up these kind of “Minisite page”, with “featured tasks”, is available here: https://edgeryders.eu/ro/organizing-a-conference-with-egderyderseu - Deadline: Thursday 5/11. “LOTE Ticket”.

One reminder: how were you weighting people contributions? Could you give me examples based on the above mentioned tasks? I read you were using percentages of tickets.



TASK: Engage ambassadors and keynote speakers


TASK: Engage ambassadors and keynote speakers

Join the team page

Great work @Noemi ! I would like to publish some tasks too. How do I make sure that tasks go directly to the join the team page as soon as I publish them?

Also, shall we discuss the percentages of the ticket issue? Boosting in social media is less of an effort than writing a blog post and communicate about it. Are there rules or gut feelings are welcome?

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Check out the work in progress?

Hi Irene,

Two things, we can then change anything but wanted to have smth to show so that we understand each other better.

  1. Registration process: What I proposed above I put right into a minisite page: https://edgeryders.eu/ro/lote5/registration

  2. Get a ticket process. Here’s where the tasks are featured: https://edgeryders.eu/en/lote5/get-your-ticket

Once you set up the other tasks, I will feature those that can be taken on by anyone (for example this task of setting up the minisite page was more for site admins). Point 11 in the manual tells you how if you want to do it yourself (you may need admin rights). For now, each task is worth a ticket, you can change that per task if you think it’s necessary (at most have the options of 1/2 of a ticket; or 1/3 of a ticket, no more because we’d get confused). We can then have an internal spreadsheet to monitor, for each person registered, how tasks add up to one ticket. Even with Makerfox which recorded weighted contributions, Natalia and I would still monitor them manually in a spreadsheet.

Teams: we feature individual tasks so people take them on easily and know where to look for this week’s To Dos. The coordination roles we can assign verbally, among ourselves, so people doing Agenda and tracks would post their own tasks and oversee their completion. People moved in and out of teams anyway last year and there’s no way on the platform to actually coordinate a team… last year we would agree on who leads and people had their own processes. It’s very few people that take coordination roles anyway, so it will not be complicated. To avoid spamming, people working in comms can upload tasks in the Social media group. We can feature them anyway, which is uber cool! See this example of task I reformulated from last year and assigned to that group.


Join a task button?

Hi, did anyone mess with the “Featured task” view? I see the Join buttons on the minisite page are gone, but what’s most disturbing is the long error message above.

Also, @ireinga can you have a look at the ticket policy draft I’m working on? Based on that we will signal tasks value and finalize this week the descriptions of all current tasks up for completion in exchange for a ticket… so we have this batch ready for when we launch registration.

Haven’t messed with the featured task

Dunnot know who changed it. I guess you already fixed it cause I cannot see the error message anymore.

I can help you with the list of tasks and weights. Thanks for the document you are producing! Also, during this Thursday call we would like to propose an update on the Join the Team page, nothing revolutionary but it’s easier to make this proposal during the call.


Then, with your permission, I will keep adding tasks I can think of to LOTE5 (or repurpose some from last year) and you probably should to the same… so we can have everything ready to roll on Thursday and just tweak based on what we decide.


The warning message is only seen by site admins, Noemi.

But the button is gone. There is a broken/missing handler in the view:


Was it “registration settings link”?

No idea :frowning:

It worked just fine last week when I first set it up… so someone must have changed smth and now needs to be undone. I’m weary of bothering Matt though.

Fixed the “Add me too!” button for joining.

The button is there again, and works again.

Turns out I start forgetting how the website is pieced together: Alberto did not actually install the rules module recently as he tried to, it was already installed and in use :expressionless: I forgot that, so me disabling it to try getting rid of a WSOD issue broke the “Join” button. For the record, the “Join” button is built using the rules_link module, which has to be enabled in addition to the rules module.


Thanks Matt, marking as done.

You are right, I did not install Rules. But upon enabling some of the “children” modules of Rules I think I was asked to install (or just enable? I don’t remember) some other dependencies.