Prepare social media headlines

Completing this task will get you a ticket to LOTE5.

Description: Ahead of any major community event we try to set up a distributed social media team where people take on ER tweets or shares and distribute them to their networks in sync. This was done with the Edgeryders #Countonme mailing list, and this year we’re using Twitterfeed. Either way, we need someone to compile news and also share on social media their personal take on LOTE: why are you coming? what sessions interest you? what is it about the edge that you like the most?

How to complete this task?

Leave a comment below saying you want to take this on, tweet/ share away using #lote5 hashtag + pinging @edgeryders. Copy-paste your tweets and we’ll consider it done!

I could do this before September 30th (or earlier)! Whichever week is preferred…

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Well done!

Well done, @eliasradelius! Thanks for this.

How do I get on the countonme mailing list? And @Natalia Skoczylas, do you have some more details to share?

@eliasradelius, the detail is

@Eliasradelius, the detail is to take a look at my twitter @notwistgirl, to use to cut, and to read the old headlines I’ve been sending last weeks. Did you receive them?

here comes more

So, we have this sm calendar where actually quite a lot of them are being prepared by Nadia, Noemi, and me

Edgeryders News Calendar - August to October 2014 - Community Outreach & Coordination - Edgeryders. You can simply pick them up if they are here. What I usually do is I check the What’s new section and look for new content that boosts the community at the moment, or has a potential for it. If there’s enough, I would use those two - three links to fill the daily headlines. But I pay attention to involve one story related to LOTE4 / unMonastery at least, so that we keep the attention focused on our main event. Now we just need to sort out how you access the mailing list;)

I could do this too


I am available to do this any week during the month of August.


I can do this…

Anytime in August except the 14th-18th, and then anytime after the 8th September!


can we make like a google doc or a wiki with the calendar from now till the event in october so that everyone can assign to him/herself a week or two to do the social media headlines ?

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Calendar up!

Hi @eliasradelius, @RuxandraCreo, @La_Gaia thank you all for taking this task on!

Can you check the calendar above (built on your individual preferences) and confirm that the weeks suit you and that you know what to do as per the instructions?

If OK, please send your headlines daily for that week at

Email subject: Daily headlines [date]

@Natalia Skoczylas will be there to help if you run into problems, right?


Yes I will be picking up the headlines and sharing them, and answering all the questions. Please send them to until I have my own email

@RuxandraCreo, haven’t seen you online - are you ready to take over tomorrow?:slight_smile:

@eliasradelius, I am waiting for the headlines until 2PM let’s say :slight_smile:

Oh, no!  I have completely missed this. For some reason I thought I had signed up for the end of September, beginning of October, so I have not even looked at the messages in this thread. I now see that I have been assigned TODAY in the calendar.  I’m afraid that will be very difficult for me. I am currently in Cape Town setting up interviews for my master’s thesis so I have trouble finding time to sit down and scan for news… Terrible sorry.

Sorry for not noticing this until now and I really hope it works out well!





Reopening for test

Trying to re-use it for Lote5… bear with me.

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How do we do A/B testing for social media headlines

Hi guys, reopening this group and continuing our shared learning about social media engagement with a question :slight_smile:

I have been doing a course about using data to improve the quality of communication efforts. One of the key concepts is A/B testing. Basically you send out versions of the same landing page/newsletter/blogpost/status update that are slightly different to a small number of recipients. You measure which one has performed better based on your objective, and then send the winning version out to the rest of your intended audience.

My question is does anyone know of any tools for doing this with 1) social media headlines and 2) titles of our blogposts?