Time spent on Edgeryders Communities

I got interested in finding how I’m spending my time across the three Edgeryders Communities platforms I am most active on. I think the results are actually a pretty good approximation of how I am spending my time. I looked at the stats for the last 12 months for Babel Between Us, Blivande and edgeryders.eu. Granted, the BBU platform started only 8 months ago.

First of all, this shows that most of the work I do on edgeryders.eu is simply keeping myself in the loop about projects and core company work. I would say that this is accurate.

It’s also true that while Edgeryders is fully online, Blivande is a place. I obviously take in a lot of information about it by simply being on location. I think that on a whole, my split between the two is about equal, and the difference between posts read feels right to me accounting for that only 1/3 of the information about Blivande comes to me through the forum.

When it comes to replying to threads, this seems to indicate that I am roughly equally engaged in these communities.

As for BBU, that also feels accurate. In the last year as a whole, BBU has taken up about 10% of my time, but this has been increasing. In the few 6 months, it’s probably rather close to 20%.

From this, I notice that I create about twice as many topics on Blivande than on Edgeryders. I also create relatively many topics on BBU compared to the time I spend on it. This is natural, as I lead more projects at Blivande (which is also where the Plato work happens) and BBU. On Edgeryders.eu, I don’t lead any active projects since Participio spun off into BBU and Plato, although I have a position of leadership through being a director.

I think that I’m a bit of a guinea pig when it comes to working for Edgeryders across multiple platforms, so I thought I’d share this insight as we might start seeing this pattern proliferate to more of us over time.


Cool! This should probably be similar for @matteo_uguzzoni and Natalia, both of whom spent time on Edgeryders and on Trust in Play.


hi all! this is super interesting, where can I find these stats?

You can find them for yourself and others here.

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