Time to contribute to POPREBEL's data management plan

Our data management plan is due at the end of June. The decentralized of POPREBEL suggests that we treat each of our data pipelines separately, as they are very different. We have decided to treat each WP in a section of the plan. All sections have the same structure, which is the one more or less mandated by the template.

POPREBEL is a multidisciplinary project. Various research activities collect and process data, each following its own workflow, contained in the project’s different work packages. They only come together at the interpretation level, when the project assembles a model of European populism based on contributions from all its disciplines.
For this reason, POPREBEL’s data management plan is broken down by work package.

A draft is now ready on Edgeryders’ Google Drive. For now it contains the information pertaining to WP2. To access, you will need a Google account: please click on the link when you are logged in your Google account, then request access.

Please would all leaders of WPs which generate, collect and process data complete their own sections of the document. From my reading of the GA, WP3, 4 and 6 will all be involved in data wrangling. I am unsure as to WP5: it seems that CUB will work on literature and existing statistical data, but not collect or generate data of their own. Can @kszabo7 and @atetenyi confirm? The draft contains the complete information about WP2, and three empty templates for WPs 3, 4 and 6 – so, calling @MariaAlinaAsavei, @DrSeanHanley, @isadora and Vello (not on the platform!). Also ping @marina and @Jan and @Richard.


Any updates on how this is going? In addition to this post, an e-mail was sent to everyone but it seems we didn’t receive a lot of contributions and the date is approaching.

Dear All (particularly @alberto), @Richard, and I (and Sylvia) will have to take longer to prepare the data management plan. We just have several sub-projects with data gathering and need to prepare this report carefully. We will aim at the end of July. Jarkko will be notified.

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thanks Jan for the update. So today I’ll send to Silvia the first version of the DMP with the information relevant only for the WP2.

The state of the DMP on this day is: WP2, WP5 and WP6 are completed, WP3 and WP4 to be written.