Timeline and Key Milestones

Each initiative runs on a four-year cycle. We launch two batches of initiatives, one in year 1 and the other in year 2. The project timeline results from combining the two four-year cycles into one 5 year cycle.

Initiative cycle:

Year 1. Reach minimum viable product and deploy it in a sandbox environment (but with real people and real money). Most initiatives are already past the prototype stage. WHIS network partners provide a host of sandboxes; initiative-sandbox matching is done centrally by Edgeryders and WHIS – for example, an initiative on asthma might be matched with a clinic in Madagascar, where asthma is a top-of-mind problem.

Year 2. Review and re-think the initiative based on sandbox result and deploy. Evaluate.

Years 3 and 4. At the beginning of year 3 initiatives must generate revenue. Those that don’t are weeded out and their budgets re-allocated. From then on, a decreasing level of support for years 3 and 4 is established. Re-evaluate in Year 4.

Open&Change Project cycle

Years 1 and 2: OpenBootcamps. Bring initiative leaders physically together.  Train them in documentation and sharing.

Years 3 and 4: weed out of batches 1 and 2 respectively. Funding re-allocation.

Year 5: wrap up and overall evaluation of the smart swarm as a problem solving configuration.

Years 1-5: sustained community management. Encourage creative copying, innovation diffusion, collaboration.