Timeline and narratives

Notes after a phone call with Millie at UNDP. Hopefully this will evolve into a full project outline.


We are reporting directly to Elena (UNDP) and Alexandra (UNV).


  • Tuesday 28th April (to be confirmed): conference call. Main purpose is to hear out a consultant reporting on a project called the Arab Spring Youth project: useful to figure out where they are. Secondary purpose is to spend 15-20 minutes with Alex to be briefed about UNV, an organisation we don't know as well as UNDP.
  • The first mission to Istanbul is being postponed to when we have some data from the field. However, there is the idea to meet in Bonn (HQ for UNV); possible dates are in the week of May 8th or the week of May 15th (in the latter case, only 15, 16 and 17 are possible dates). 
  • Missions should start ASAP, and – reasonably – should start from the countries where we already have a bit of a network – Georgia and Egypt. Ideally missions would start already in the week of May 8th. 
  • We have asked if Alberto's presence is always necessary in missions. We would like to parallelise, and some UNDP country offices already have a good relationship with others in ER (Armenia and Georgia with Noemi, Egypt and Georgia with Nadia).
  • We should produce (in 1-2 week) a 1-pager explaining why this project is different. It is meant to support a fundraising tour of UNV's director in the Scandinavian countries.


How do we communicate the project to the community?

  • The end of the grant cycle: moving from supporting projects to supporting people.
  • Looking to give support to groups driven by passion and with real traction. 
  • Acknowledgement that we don't even know who is out there. 
  • ...?...