Tiny proposal for a study on local climate adaptation

Today I made a somewhat eccentric move, but it felt right. I wrote a tiny (12K EUR for now, might increase it a bit) research application on a call launched by the Global Challenges Foundation which was, interestingly, our first client back in 2013, when we were not even incorporated yet.

The idea is to use the money to do two things.

  1. prepare a small report on (1) Messina, (2) Bologna, (3) Mondragon, in the spirit of the PAPIER concept note.
  2. organize a workshop at the EU Week of Cities and Regions, like we did in 2020.

The application form is super simple, five questions that you answer in 1,000 characters or less – two tweets each! @hugi, you are good at writing these super synthetic applications, would you be up for giving my proposal a quick read and see if it makes sense? I know it is asking for a lot, but could you do it today or tomorrow morning, as the deadline is tomorrow afternoon?

Don’t bother, it’s submitted. Did not want to shave the deadline to the hour.

Sorry about the late reply, we had our Blivande retreat this weekend so I was not checking my notifications. Fingers crossed!

Fun fact: we did a consulting gig for them many years ago

Rejected :frowning:

Oh sorry about that. These things are often hit and miss unless you are in there even before the call is launched. Onwards.