To be an innovator you must be volcanic!

An innovative and creative  project landed in my city just few weeks ago…

It is called “VulcanicaMente”, that means Volcanic Mind supported by Comune di Napoli Public Administration and managed for a smart and incredible group of people: the dPixel crew…

Based in Napoli, Vulcanicamente is a business plan competition for innovative business ideas with the aim to build new Startups. It collected about 40 new team of students, undergraduates, graduates, researchers, aspiring entrepreneurs that are ready to test themselves in the startup world…

Thanks to this competition we have had the opportunity to acquire some good tips in order to develop new innovative projects  and  to learn what innovation is and in which terms we could contribute such as “digital native”,  to develop it.

Our main speaker Gianluca Dettori said in a recent post about Italian young people innovators:

“…Thousands of super-educated and often unemployed young, ready to bet everything on their own ideas and abilities. Young people with a vision, that don’t want suffer the crisis. Fresh minds that often have the solution to the problems that we can’t understand. So this is our ecosystem  an untapped potential of millions of youth and talents that we have in Italy.”

During this adventure there was a lot of incredible and emotional moments, hard work, a really hard selection, a massive learning contents, new tools and methodologies and a strongly value added in term of motivation and networking.

In my opinion the richness of the project it is firstly the  huge positive vibration of participants. Talking with some of them I collected different opinions about “to have a chance to make the world a little better and why”.

Pasquale Simonetti startupper and coder said “Nowadays It’s possible change the world thanks to the numerous available new tools that already exist,  today we have to work together in a concrete way to increase the life quality of millions of people., the application that I’m developing has the aim to make this change in a very easy and fast way“.

Domenico by Napoli whit me confirm: “Innovation could change our life? Absolutely yes,  at least we can work on the network and on some good insights to do it”

Pier Giuseppe Meo also put emphasis on how initiatives like as  Vulcanicamente are able to  make new “networks" to develop smart idea.

Luigi Strazzullo ideator of  Pengoros also said” It is throughout Innovative projects that it is possible built a better world, because often innovative idea born from collective discomforts!”

Only ten of this new potential startupper team will have the chance to pass in the last project step, but more than 80 people have had the opportunity to change their point of view about society and their role to make it a better place. Social Innovation it’s a beautiful wave  that brings in itself cooperation, collaborative people and idea: an under sky hub where dreams could became reality!

Young Volcanic Mind…sooner said than done…

community beat in these last months

Hi Irene, welcome back and great to read you again! what have you been up to lately…? have you seen how many of us are now? 800+ and counting, and over 100 you’ll meet at the conference, so this is a good time to catch up and read about other people’s experiences. I think this will be the personal value each of us can take from the meetup, having known people online and then getting the chance to ask them everything we couldn’t ask here for time or space reasons, juicy details and all :slight_smile:

From your last report I remember you were very much immersed in the worlds of young peole and well networked, and you seem to continue to be. They / we can indeed change the world, but finding the right tools not so easy for most. There are a bunch of discussions now on this topic, it started with this first report by the founder of the Hub Milan…, explaining how  future-builders are having a hard time finding sources of real support outside their immediate personal networks;  and  the latest is this super discussion on alternative currencies like time banking or bartering. how about checking them out and commenting there?

And then there’s this list of funding sources for innovation, you may want to have a look if you’re looking for some:

By the way, did you participate in this competition with your own startup? what was it about?

I’ll see you in Strasbourg and thanks for volunteering! You got a nice badge added up to your profile :slight_smile:

Alberto, Noemi thank for your war welcomeback

hello Noemi, Hallo Alberto thankyou for your warm welcome back…I’m realy happy to see that edgeryders community is so crowd! wooow…unlukly I have been busy with some unexpeted health problems! but now I’m again with you happy to be back in this incredible and vibrant community…

thanks for your suggestion I’m just read the report of Alberto, the founder of Hub in Milan, and I added him as a person that I would like to know… will alberto be at the conference? Could be really interesting share idea and experience on the topic below…

I’m so proud of my new “volunteer” badge and I’ll do all my best to contribute for the success of the event…and glad for my extra point (thanks AlbertoC) :))

I’m involved in “Vulcanicamente”  as participant, intrigued to know more about a project on social innovation in my city, looking for enlarge my network and getting some new inspirations… that’s all for today, tomorrow I’m going to explore other edgeryders new member and topic in order of  fill my blanks… Cant wait to see you next month. Irene

As far as I know Alberto Massetti will not be able to attend the conference, he’s really busy at the Hub now…

But you can always get in touch via Edgeryders if you’d like to ask him something specific…


Irene, welcome back! :slight_smile:

I know Gianluca reasonably well, and I also know a little of how social innovation landed in Naples, via Filippo Addarii and Marco Traversi (I am involved a little with the European Social Innovation Initiative and the Social Innovation Coalition). It’s great that its experience is so positive as seen from the ground!

So are you part of the scene? What’s your role in it?

I am giving you +50 reputation for the best homecoming :slight_smile:

Hello Irene,

welcome back! I

Hello Irene,

welcome back! I really like the idea of VulcanicaMente!! I think is great in such difficult time periods to give hope and support for people to build their own ventures! I m working at Hub Vienna and I see daily this hope on their faces when they enter the place and this gives me so much enthusiasm and power to move on!

I would definitely suggest you to read Anomona’s report on her project nRich and get in touch with Alessia who is involved with Hub Sicily!

thank you Luna I left my positive feelings for nRich project! and for sure I’m going to met  Alessia at the conference . are you there too?

Yes of course!! see you there!! have you seen the new #lote video of edgeryders? what do you think? are you taking part in any of the Breakout Sessions? I would definetely suggest you to take part in the Making a Living!! You would have a lot to share :slight_smile:

making a living

ei Luna yes i saw it and I’m sharing the video too… yes defintly agree with you Making a living sesion it’s perfect for me…happy to met you there :slight_smile: I gave my availability for doing volunteer job as social media expert…I’ll post everystaff on the net…

Inspiration for volcanic fit elsewhere

Thanks for informing us about this Volcanic Mind project.

I am definitely not happy about the IDÉ (Innovation Economic Development) that supposedly helps people with ideas to support their projects. But they don’t really support anything.

I will look into this volcanic activity with great curiosity, Who knows, I could light up some more fire and throw a volcanic fit at my government!? (Not that it might change anything, but we never know…)