Today's Community call

Let’s start our journey to Morocco !

Topics to be discussed.

  1. availability: who can be there and when

  2. project planning : breaking down projects into tasks, resources needed, each project can have a wiki or a dynslist.

  3. outside expertise needed such as business planning, who can provide this ? @nadia mentioned earlier that there is a possibility of brining some expert who did some sort of consultation for edgeryders. Is this still available ?

  4. how to build on the Medenine Camp ? who can join from the amazing young Tunisian youth to continue working on his/her project with us in Morocco.

  5. advices for an open calendar ideally that could be integrated with discourse so we can have all planning here rather than using external apps

please add any topic you see necessary to the list

see you all today !


1 -
A. I can be there from first week of Jan to the first week of Feb 2018.
A. I can bring my 5D Canon camera to use it during the project for anyone
B. Macbook pro for editing and writing stories.
C. Fish eye professional camera
and more…

5- we can make a workflow rather than making calendar.

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@Yosser @OnsESSID @dorra-b Join us :slight_smile:

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5- we can make a workflow rather than making calendar.

we are using dynalist for organizing tasks here at edgeryders, still makes a bit of a challenge as it is not integrated with discourse yet.

do you have another proposal or shall I go and make a dynalist where we all can work on ?

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Nice one @hazem.

I have some ideas around calendar/ events tracking that I’ll share in the call.

Will respond to the other things then too but will mention now that I have strategic and organizational development experience as a consultant (engaged in a contract now for just that with The School of Making Thinking), and could be of help there… :seedling:

I would gladly join the call but thing is I’m working. So I won’t be able to be there live.

Though, regarding the project we’re building with @unknown_author and @SyMorin in Essaouira, the beat planning for us is from February 5th to 9th (2018). But @hazem and @matthias already have that info.

As far as I my conversations with @unknown_author and @hazem have gone, @owen and I are and others also feeding into that project too FYI @gregoiremarty but if you want it to be exclusively French men then feel free to speak up :heart_eyes: :mushroom:

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only french men involved in a project? That would probably be the best way to ruin it :joy:

anyways, let’s continue this chat with ecryption somewhere else. :slight_smile:


Lets make it @dynalist