Together for inclusive CARE: Chris

There are 3 different main communities I am working in and on-

  • Co-Housing
  • Cetis LLP learning tech coop
  • Local Quaker community.

The big question which haven’t solved is Care. In co-housing they are very good at governance. co housing. Other networks are focusing on the technical stuff. Edgeryders is focusing down on the Care. Edgeryders is talking about care: where is the structure? where is the actual scaffolding? Care is a really sensitive issue. People don’t like intrusion and people don’t like isolation. In my community beyond the house and the village ,there is no intermediate scale of care. There is a well being lack in our community.People are not having their needs met or not getting on down with the individuals. That’s not a very caring way of doing it. Some of us can look after our own needs alone, but its very difficult. A village context is exactly where I can see it happening

In my co-housing community because there are not formal structures for care and well-being: its all informal.



I wonder if there are co-housing communities that do include care. I think giving care in many respects requires a deeper level of co-commitment than housing. At least it seems to me that hard as it is to give up a physical living space, if one of your cohort gets really sick and needs help and has no other people to help and it falls on you to give that help, I think that would be very hard to walk away from. But that level of commitment requires a lot of agreement up front or it won’t be reliable.

Is this post addressed to me? I didn’t write this post, so it’s a bit confusing.

Hi Chris,
the notes from the listening triads which were submitted to us have been split into individual topics so that people who wish to connect with you based on shared interests etc can easily do so and you can find them in case you want to make additions/changes.

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Ah! No worries

You can find all the documentation and post-festival discussions here:

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