Tomorrow the 31c3 application is final

As per our meeting thursday the 27th of November, we determined that as of tomorrow, the #31c3 application would be finalized. If you intend to make a self-organized session (a lecture) or bring anything (big) other than what is already described on the page here: please update the page or post a comment before tomorrow when I will update the page to let them know that there is nothing more to add.

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Would Edgesense be of any interest?

Thanks so much for this, @cjd! I have never been to ##C3, so I am not sure what kind of self-organized stuff is appropriate for the event.

I was involved in creating a software called Edgesense: “network analysis for the masses”, it delves into the database of an online community such as Edgeryders and serves you an interactive graph of relationships on a web page. The project is still in dev (, but a few communities, including Edgeryders, are running it (the Edgeryders version is here: – as I write this it is being updated, but should be back up in the next couple of hours). Below you can see a short demo video. Do you think people would be interested in playing with it? I would definitely be interested in getting some feedback – we have an interactive tutorial that also gathers feedback, so it would happen through playing with the graph rather than doing a boring survey.

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Ok so I put up the list of requirements here

@cjd  ,   @danohu, @igel, @msanti, @Dorotea , @elf_Pavlik

I put together a first proposal here which is participatory, does not require any cooking. Have a look and let me know what you think/can contribute?

I’ve finalized the assembly proposal on the website with no self-directed-sessions.

I guess no Edgesense, then :slight_smile:

No harm done.

I think it would be a good idea Alberto

the official deadline is not till the 9th so there is still time. Im on this today and will include it, ok?

Received mail:

Dear assembly,

we want you to notice that final planning has already started and the

deadline, the 9th of December, 23:59h is approaching soon. So please

fill in all information into your wiki page that is important for us to

consider when assigning assembly space.

If you know other people who want to make an assembly, please tell them

to register before that date. There will most probably be no space for

those who register too late.

Regards, your 31C3 assembly team