Too many pages explaining "how it works"?

In the Community Homebase:

In the Research Project Workspace:

The first two seem to be the same thing with different wordings. They explain OpenCare’s approach, the roles one can play therein, and a rough timeline of what happens when. The third one is quite different: much shorter and oriented to what you can do to participate, assuming people have already decided they are intrigued.

Do we really need all these pages? If not, which one (s) would you keep? @Noemi, and @Nadia, what do you think?

Ok, now condensed.

No, we discussed with Nadia and Patrick we might need a mix of How to Participate/ How it works.

I’ve put all the key info now in How to Participate and eliminated How it works from the menu for the time being. Ideally the stages of the project will be illustrated simpler somehow, but for now we can work with the copy only - feel free to tighten it if you have ideas (what is currently there is a result).

The Join in the workspace is now included in the menu button Join Community (link to the other space) - which explains it all.