Topic: Digital Currencies and Bitcoin

Understanding that the label, “Bitcoin”, may serve to present a wide and varied range of topics - such as, the original thesis article that was the origin of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency [Cointelegraph], the illicit dealings of the original “Silk Road”  black market exchange [ROTM], the Bitcoin exchange markets [Coindesk]  or simply the mathematics of the algorithms  that represent the “Proof of work” concept in Bitcoin [Chain Blog], needless to say that Bitcoin is accepted as a material currency in a growing number of legitimate commercial enterprises, including coffee shops – I wonder if there may be a topic added as with regards to any kinds of legitimately economic – ie. non-illicit applications of BItcoin, in business transactions?

I would not wish to trivialize either the natures of Bitcoin, or those of other Cryptocurrencies beside Bitcoin, or to trivialize the nature of web content creation, I notice that one particular business model has developed around Bitcoin, namely that of Changetip and the corresponding Tipworthy service. (Update - Add’l Info: ChangeTip Introduces ‘Tip.Me’ – the Easiest Way to Tip. Ever, via Bitcoin Magazine)

Of course, I should as well mention that the author of this article, myself, has now set up an account with Changetip. In a context of Web Media, broadly, I’ve shared a short review about the Autodesk Pixlr app, on Android, via the Tipworthy service at Changetip. In a commercial manner, perhaps Changetip could serve to provide a sort of “Tip jar” for reviews about apps on the Android platform. Personally, I thought that the Pixlr app might be particularly worth sharing a comment about. I think Pixlr is simply a useful photo editor app.

Not as if to simply promote my own content, though: As Changetip being a service providing “Tip jars” in a various number of currencies, including Bitcoin, I believe Changetip can serve to provide something of a material side to web content development, online - whether with or without a conventional commercial or otherwise institutional “Silo”.

Of course, it may not serve to provide a great amount of “Profit incentive” for content development, if to develop content only for an exchange of arbitrary “Change”, if there would not seem to be any apparent goodwill of the endeavor. Perhaps it takes a certain sense of imagination, to believe there may be a broader sense of goodwill about it.

I’m certain that – as with the Silk Road incidents – it could be ostensibly exploited, but I do not believe as if that would be in alignment with what it has been developed about, any of Tipworthy, Changetip, Bitcoin, or other services and concepts developed in regards to material cryptocurrencies.

Not as it to propose any sort of an exceptionally radical idea, I wonder if – more broadly – if Bitcoin could be of any particular material relevance, if not furthermore any manner of philosophical relevance, in this context?