I’ve always been curious. Intellectually curious. Find out how reality works, understand the laws and mechanisms, reassemble the pieces to build new and present new future.

But the theory of reality is very different from its practice.

A model student until college I spent years and years before obtain the degree, at the ripe age of 35 years. Almost all my fault, but still I cannot understand the real cause. Maybe it has to do the university environment, archaic, old style even if rigorous and valid. Electronic engineering is not experienced as a continual discovery but as a series of increasingly difficult obstacles to overcome.

Maybe depression has to do. Perhaps one cause, perhaps an effect.

At 33 years, two exams after graduation, change of university, the same city, Rome, but a different way, closer to my ideal, to learn and experiment.Eight examinations in a year and a half, scoring very high degree. Oh well. But perhaps I need to change first.

In the meantime, I collaborate with an international festival of independent cinema. Experiences and knowledge that are mixed, the feeling of being useful.

After graduation, I know it’s late for me. Some experience in software houses, a stage for the APAT (Governmental Agency for Environmental Protection).

But my desire is to work by exploiting my hunger for knowledge, my willingness to hybridize technology, science, art and culture. I read. I enjoy reading. Fiction, poetry, essays. From Balzac to astrophysics, from Lernet-Holenia to neuroscience, from Keats to palaeontology, by Stieg Larsson to the theory of networks.

In 2006 I opened a blog, I began to study and observe observe the Web, its dynamics, its philosophies, its instruments. I like the universe of possibilities it offers, the ability of interaction that allows people introverted like me.

I find the strength, the charm and the potentiality of the communities thanks to the experience of Kublai, an initiative of the Italian Ministry of

Economic Development - Department of Development Policies. (Do you know, Alberto and Nino?:slight_smile:

I become a freelancer, I try to work on projects related to the Net. I try to bring to Italy the American experience of collaborative journalism. The crowdsourcing, crowdfunding. Failed project. Do not give up.

Meeting people who want to try to stir the Italian movie and entertainment industry, new models for creation, production and distribution of films inspired by the philosophies and tools of the Web.

Cineama.it born. I’m one of the founders. I am the CTO. But above all I’m doing something I like, I can connect the wires of what I know, I’m building something, I’m helping to bring innovation in my country. I am learning to know others, to know myself. I’m learning to appreciate me.

I’m 44 years old, I am living.

Slow but masterful - like engineering itself?

I am no engineer, but I do know a little about engineering. It is a slow, methodical discipline: as long as you have not fully mastered the first step of a problem, you cannot move on. But when you have, you own it, and you will always be able to break similar problems. From the outside, you perceive only the leap: the problem resists and resists, and then one day it just breaks down. But from the inside, the engineer knows that every day’s work brings him a little closer to the solution.

Maybe yours, Federico is an engineer’s journey; it takes you a long time to crack a problem and move on, but every day brings the solution closer. Is it difficult to communicate this slow and constant progress? Do people want to see rapid change to take you seriously?

slowly but not slower than necessary, to paraphrase Einstein…:wink:

And yes, engineering does not follow Jay Gould’s theory of puntuated equlibrium…only aprogressive evolution, step by step. Like me.