Touch base with LOTE4 VIPs and put them in touch with Matera for travel/hotel reservation

Our MOU with Matera states they are to take care of at most four VIPs. These would be:

  1. Fabrizio
  2. Amelia
  3. Robin
  4. Caroline

Conference coordinators’ arrivals

I checked with Matera today, the procedure is:

  1. touch base with VIPs, ensure they still have LOTE4 on their calendar, have them confirm what days they are coming. 
  2. aggregate this information and put it somewhere (public) on the platform
  3. write to each one of them, copy to Gaetano Lionetti ( ) and Anna ( The mail should say more or less "dear X, meet Gaetano, the travel agent following Matera 2019. Please let him know when you are traveling and from where, and he will reserve your travel and accommodation."

@Nadia, can you confirm  the list of VIPs beyond Fabrizio?

Nadia, once you confirm, I will send the emails. Just ping me here


I put you in CC @Natalia_Skoczylas

Let try to confirm everything by Friday.


Has confirmed his participation for core conference days 24th / 25th / 26th - I imagine then he will arrive on the 23rd but I’m waiting on his PA to send me through logistical requirements for travel and accommodation.

Any way we can leverage that these people are coming?

Guys, I feel like we’re not making the most out of having them on board. Although Edgeryders are not exactly the applauding type of big names, the least we can do is introduce them properly via a couple of snappy paragraphs and embedding their (video) talks in them?  Maybe not now, but as they confirm?

@NicoBis are you by any chance interviewing Fabrizio Barca or another Fabrizio? Having that online would be great…

Interview with Barca under way

I agree, @Noemi. In fact, we have already arranged a short video interview with Fabrizio, in Italian and English: @NicoBis will shoot it on the 3rd. Others should happen too, though video might be more difficult.

I agree, but…

I’m still waiting on absolute confirmation from people, I received news from both Riel and David that they won’t be able to make it! Fabrizio is a yes, Robin will confirm shortly. Not heard back from Amelia yet and Giulio I think @alberto can confirm on?

Giulio pinged

Today. Let’s see…

I have the information from Robin Chase, do I pass them to Matera now? @Ben @Alberto

One email

Ciao Natalia,

Did you see this email from Robin? She wants to know what the different travel options are for her to get to Matera. So you would need to check the options with the travel agent tomorrow if possible and let her choose the one that works the best for her. Can you reply to her email saying you will check with the travel agent and get back to her with some options please? thanks!

What I think is going to happen is that I will pay for some of this trip, and LOTE will pay for some. We can figure out the payment mix later.
but here are things I know:

October 22: leaving Boston later than 6pm to LOTE

October ?: leaving LOTE to Porto, Portugal

November 4 evening, or Nov 5 morning: Porto to Paris

November 9 around noon: Paris to Boston

complex :(
you only need to figure out the beginning which I really can't do.

I have it already, she sent me the exact flight, so where do I pass it now?

Put them in touch with Gaetano and Anna

Natalia, it’s in the task instructions above, you probably missed it? write to Robin, cc Gaetano Lionetti ( ) and Anna ( The mail should say more or less "dear Robin, meet Gaetano, the travel agent following Matera 2019. Gaetano, this is the itinerary Robin prefers, can you book for her? Make sure Gaetano and Anna follow up…


@La_Gaia, not sure what else is needed at the moment, there aren’t many VIPs confirmed, probably about 4 in the end. If you do have some spare bandwidth follow up on the community calls? we have weekly writeups with what’s missing from the Lote4 picture.

Speakers status for Natalia to follow up

  • Curators: 
    • Fabrizio Barca: Has confirmed for the full event, waiting on his assistants to connect with logistic details. 
    • Amelia Andersdotter: Got back to me last night, it looks like she'll be available to come night of 23rd - 25th/26th. 
    • Robin Chase: Confirmed, sorting travel arrangement. 
    • David de Ugarte: Seemingly can't come. 
    • Riel Miller: Can't come. 
    • Giulio Guaggiotto: awaiting confirmation from @Alberto

Why don’t we make a move with the first three?

@Noemi, it seems that we now have dates for Barca, Andersdotter, Chase. I propose we email Matera2019, copy to @Natalia_Skoczylas, and get VIPs in direct touch with their travel agencies. Giulio has not replied yet, plus he is traveling in the Indonesian archipelago and connectivity is an issue: I would rather make a move now, and add Giulio later.

I’m already sorting out Chase, I am in touch with the agency, her and comitato. So two left, and I can just do the same procedure, if you wish.

It’s fine by me.

I’d prefer I’m not the one emailing because I can’t follow up if Comitato or travel agent don’t move fast enough. At least you’re there and can make phone calls in case they’re not responsive…

So, Robin has her ticket, Amelia is still unsure of the dates. I do not have the contact to Fabrizio - but if you send me one, I will do the booking. And let me know what happens with the last VIP. @Alberto @Ben @Noemi


You should probably use this: If you don’t get a swift reply, call Tiziana or Santina at +39 06 47618565-3121

gia fatto. Now I am in touch with all three of them. Is there any VIP that we still might get, or we close the list here?

I can help on this

… if help is still needed?

Any spare Italian VIPs? :slight_smile: