Touchdown in Minsk!

I am just three hours off the plane back from Minsk, and happy to report Spot The Future Belarus has made a very promising touchdown. “@hexayurt” Vinay and I have spent a few days in Minsk, talking to people and getting the project on track. Vinay will probably want to make his own remark, but I am sure I speak for both of us when I say we think that Belarus has great potential: the social innovation scene seems to have impressive drive and autonomy. Some of these people have what it takes to make a first-class social entrepreneur.

In the next few days we will introduce the Belarus team and some of the Belarusians we have met this week; we will also publish our workplan in the project’s space. Meanwhile, let’s welcome the very first Belarusian to register on the Edgeryders platform, @abitrolly from Hackerspace Minsk; and let’s kick off with this wonderful video, courtesy of UNDP Belarus. You will meet Masha from SocStarter, Liudmila from Mivia, Anatoli himself, Alina from and our precious ally and ground support, UNDP Belarus’s Olga Saet.

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Looking good everyone

Welcome on board Anatoli (@abitrolly), and don’t hesitate to drop a line if you need help finding things on the platform. It’s great to see all these faces on video, makes for a great start.

Looking forward to see what’s next and especially to work together!

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