Training on systemic approach in cohousing

Hi there @reeflings !
So for the training on systemic approach the link to sign up doesn’t work, but I can sign us up by email…
And to secure our spots, we then need to do a bank transfer. Not sure if we do it individually or if that would be a thing that the Reef takes in charge?
I just need to know how many people would like to go… Let me know!

(are the newlings included in the @ reeflings?)
(also I’ve tried to do the tag thingy but I’m not sure I got it right…)


Sadly, I’m not in Bxl that weekend. But the tagging worked :slight_smile:

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I am up to it! :smiley:

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Thanks a lot Sarah! I already registered (by email).

The new Reeflings are getting added once they say “hi” in the welcome thread. So far we have 6 I believe.

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@Laurianne , here’s the info for the paiement:
Vous pouvez directement faire le paiement : Pour la formation et les repas de midi : 45€ à verser sur le compte d’Habitat et Participation n°BE21 3100 6632 0303 avec la communication NOM + WE systémique 2022

For those who would still like to sign up, just send an email to
And then do the payment to secure your spot…

Thank you Sarah!
Could I get a bill from them you think?
Have a lovely weekend!

No idea!

i wont make it unfortunately but would love to hear about it after!