After yesterday’s event on AI and Justice, we can continue the conversation and think of further working on the topic. A good opportunity might be the upcoming Horizon 2020 call “Technological transformations, skills and globalization - future challenges for shared prosperity”.

Proposals should first measure impact of technological progress, trade and globalisation on skills, employment, inequalities in income and wages and on labour mobility and migration in the EU. It should then project how the interactions between technological change and globalisation will transform the current EU and international structure of labour markets and trade in commodities and services in existing and emerging sectors and their impact on income distribution and social inequalities.

Full description HERE, page 51

It is a RIA with deadline in March. The total budget is 9 million, per project suggested up to 3 million.

What do you think?
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We are clearly not qualified to “measure impact”- However, we could attempt an “ethnography of technological change and innovation”, and in this sense be a part of a broader project. @marina, have you already identified the leaders of the related CSA?

I’m looking at previous coordinators of similar calls and inserting info under comments in the mapping calls table.

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