Transforming the Role Business Plays in Society - and Powering a Revolutionary Ways of Doing Things Differently

I am very excited by what you’re doing at Edgryders and had hoped to participate in the first. Instead, I wrote Decision Making for Dummies which is all part of my intention to activating business to participate in a more enlightened role as global citizens. Much of my network of like-minds is in Europe though I am based in western Canada, making the hangouts 2am for me. I mix in different crowds from IT to policy to social change and youth entrepreneurship. One of the leading innovators is Cocoon Projects in Italy who’ve been doing some great work with inventing new business designs. I am here to collaborate, learn, co-design, contribute… whatever makes sense to you as a community. I’ve been running/hosting a podcast for six years off (Evolutionary Provocateur) featuring interesting people with interesting ideas and I run a monthly innovation webinar ( with a colleague out of the Netherlands who is now based in Perth, Australia. My site is Look forward to learning from you! 

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hello and welcome

do you know about the unMonastery it could be considered as one of the ways of doing things differently that evolved in on of the Lote (Living on the edge ) events

now we are building the LOTE4 with the theme of Stewardship  together check the teams and see how can we co-design it together

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