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Dear all,
I really need orientation help. I spend almost all my focus in life to think about solutions for the world while my field of work and profession is different. I am not like ordinary people who focus on their income and excel in their work (which i do not have the passion for) to secure decent future for my 4 kids etc. I am very stubborn regarding the vision I want to get involved with. But I have difficulty putting my feet in such a path. I have started at Founder Institute to run a startup launch which deals with I would like to do in life, but facing lot of technical problems to fulfill the needed assignments for example the revenue model and technical concept. I am realizing that I dont have the needed skills to accomplish this launch. I am realizing that my business idea is bigger than me. This makes me feel frustrated and being looser. My social surrounding is seeing me following fata morgana mistaken every day. Being unsettled in mind with age of 47 years old responsible for a family is something to consider.
Actually I am just writing you to know if any one have came a cross this situation and if their is a way to master it. Or to hear you reflection which might give me some orientation.
Thanks for stepping by


Perhaps @bilal might be able to help @WaelAura - I think he was working on some solution to help people get unstuck in building projects or ventures… Bilal is the thing done or is there some advice/somewhere you could point Wael?


Hi @WaelAura!

The good news is: You’re not alone. With that I mean that there are a lot of other people who feel similar. And having a dream that doesn’t mesh with your current reality is completely ok.

Talking from my own perspective here, this is the advice I can give:

  1. Don’t put yourself down. The fact that you do try to realise your vision puts you ahead of the curve, even if nothing will come from it. You are not a looser.
  2. Look for allies. Of course your idea is bigger than your skillset, of course you need skills, resources and contacts that you don’t have yet. That is normal. So start talking to others about your idea, and invite other peoples input and help.
  3. Embrace failures and delays. Most projects fail. That is normal. But having done the work can be still rewarding, you will have made new contacts and friends, you will have learned things. Maybe the work on the project will lead to another project, one that actually turns out great.

That was the motivational speech. Now to specific hints: Look for groups of people who work in the same field of your vision. Go to conferences, meetups, online hangouts where they gather and talk to them. Get your idea out there and ask for feedback. People might not immediately throw money at you, but you can gather a team. Look for people who have what you don’t have in terms of skills and convince those first.

Then the rest will probably sort itself out, one way or the other.


While I can’t imagine what it is being a father of 4 , I can imagine what is being an avid dreamer and wanting to shape your professional live according to it while substaining an healthy income.

I’m a bit trapped in a same mindset, putting up projects but not being totally able to coin them, which create selfdoubt and wanting to quite the dreams “because a steady well paying job will be easier”.

Yeah it’s quite hard, and there is that curve of work putting into / reward getting out that isn’t at all balanced in the first couple of months (if you are lucky) / years (is more realistic)

But like @JollyOrc said: you are not alone, and in fact putting this out in this community with like minded struggling human beings is the best you could to. We need collectively talk more about our struggles, doubts and failures. We’re often all to keen to talk about the successtories.

But maybe if we less focus on “grande successes” , we need to bring more small collective improvements towards eachother as a reason d’etre.

So be gentle towards yourself and bring it in a group, people will understand the struggle and you will grow from the Sharing. Good luck!

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For a reason I dont see @MariaEuler response I got per email (added bellow) in the forum.

Thank you Maria for bringing this forward. Thanks for @JollyOrc and @Yannic for your responses.

  1. From my personal story I think the hardest part is NOT to have the needed support from your social surrounding (family and friends). This lead to conflict And this is problematic!
  2. The other issue is losing focus if one is not part of organization/s and dont have an engagement leadership-process
  3. Then comes economic dependence on other type of engagement which takes most of your time and gives you the feeling of being raped.

And as this is a problem of many individuals why not to take it collectively to higher scales!

Yesterday I was thinking (dreaming, again) what if all people has similar situation from an Open Enterprise with different revenue streams! A real global giant startup project with a multi-verse program of services and products. We can find million cofounders. Each with a contribution between 1k to 10k usd for example we can develop any Software infrastructure and rent offices in 1000 cities for a wear, finance a seed funding ourselves.

I imagine a collaboration process based on the Open Enterprise model or holacracy with a landing page with profile mirroring (skills, interest, knowledge, …like for new members, take some tutorial for orientation about how the process works, , check the open proposals/mission under discussion (loomio), check open projects, engage in open tasks, propose new ideas and new tasks, …

The Ai driven Business-peers incubation i have wrote about before is actually in this sense a process to transform new program products of such an open enterprise into reality. Most of entrepreneurs miss the standard skills like finance and marketing or coding to bring their business ideas

The problem is how to bring people to work on the same process? If they build it together! AND there is an economic value in it so we can survive while we are working together intensively to transform the world radically as one nation organization.

I think thousands are working on similar solutions but without collaborating on it. I see the trajectory that within the next years we will see some of these solutions working and coming closer to each other so they produce better solutions. My issue, that we are losing and hurting more causing more destruction and extension the more time we wait for global paradigm shift.


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October 22

I think this is a relevant topic for many people here and on their own in the world trying to balance idealistic ideas, the mental, technical and material resources to realize them and the necessities that life and society expect from them.

When I am pinging anyone here I am by no means implying that you are not doing great and are moving forward amazingly with your project, but just that I know that you are dealing with this delicate balance act since you are working on idealistic project ideas of various size and form as well and if you feel like it, just share a few experiences of challenges and maybe even examples how you overcome them or adjust your thinking and acting to deal with them.

@JollyOrc, @BlackForestBoi, @mrchrisadams, @eb4890

please ping people who are also balancing reality and realising dream projects!