Treasure ethnography thread

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I would like to inform you that in July I will be traveling outside of Europe. In July is vacation time in Germany, so there is a lack on events.

The next interesting events in August, I think, could be the following:

  • BMW meets Classic on August 7th: The meeting for BMW & MINI of all series and young and vintage cars of all brands. Numerous exhibitors and information stands on the subject of vehicles can be found throughout the event site. This meeting is organized jointly by several car associations.

  • Italian Car Meeting 2022, 12.08.–14.08., The 7th international meeting for Italian vehicles after a two-year corona break. Meeting for all Italian manufacturers and vehicle types: super sports car, vintage car, youngtimer, two-wheeler, three-wheeler or tuning vehicle.

Would that be interesting for you or rather not? If yes, please tell me which event I can cover.

@nica could you please send me the edited questions so I can update my questions for the upcoming meeting this weekend? Thanks in advance.

@nica @alberto I’m traveling to Southeast Asia, to Thailand, to the Phillipines and possibly Indonesia too. Would you be interested in conducting interviews or are you interested in something I could do there? No travel expenses for edgeryders, because I will be already there.


@matthias, great, thanks a lot! I am sorry if I was not specific enough but what I meant by users’ activities was to be able to grant the different users I myself switch between (and various browsers) infinite action to post.
So far it works but will keep you posted! Many thanks!

Ah ok, I get it now. This is an issue with automatic spam protection restrictions on new users’ accounts, which you can fix as follows:

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@matthias, it worked, thanks a lot!

I defer to @Nica .

As I understand from @ivan we should get feedback on our preliminary report on Treasure on or after June 30th – @jos is it feasible for us to let you know about the August events after we get that initial feedback, or do you need to know earlier than that, to make your plans?

The BMW and Italy events themselves look promising – both of them.

Re: Southeast Asia – my sense is that the scope is pretty narrowly focused on European cars. Is that correct @ivan ?

No problem @nica you can let me know after June 30th.

That is correct, but if @jos finds a good success story of the automotive+circular economy, it could be an interesting addition to the project.
In this case, we would organise an onboarding event around it.

This could have different forms but should feature a connection to Europe, either through a webinar with a video introduction, an online presentation or something similar.

It requires preparation and some quick thinking to evaluate the situation in case it arises.
But, if there is such a story in @jos’ proximity and there is a possibility to pick it up as a low hanging fruit, let’s discuss it, why not?

Can I please get a new directory for “AllstedtCarsMeetPhotographers2022”? Thank you in advance.

I made it but you too have the authorisation to create folders under Treasure/Outreach

Ah, ok. Thank you.

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Sonix also running


Allstedt Cars Meet Photographers is done, all corrected transcriptions and audio files are uploaded in directory.

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Hello, @Nica and @SiriK .

I would like to touch base on the state of things in the project to get the lay of the land in the project.
Would you be available for a chat Friday?

Sure. At what time would you like to chat. I’m 6 hours in front of you.

Jos! Enjoy your holiday, only Nica and Sirin needed

Hi @ivan ,
that sounds like a great idea! How about in the afternoon as this might work for @Nica as well?

How about 10 am my time (so right after the Poprebel ethnography meeting?) That’s 16.00 your time.