Treasure ethnography thread

Hello, opening this thread to touch base and have a space for brief updates, small details, etc.

@Jos has attended two more events in Germany and is uploading the materials on the drive.
Once the Ulm interviews are done, @SiriK can continue with those.

In the meantime, I will add the 29 April event to the category too (this one is in English).

Also - for the general consistency, I propose to keep all the interviews under the Treasure category (and not Treasure workspace).

ping @Nica, @SiriK and @nadia, @alberto, @marina (fyi)

Hi Ivan,
Many thanks for initiating this thread - I will continue as suggested.



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My pleasure.

@Jos has finished uploading the materials from Frankfurt and Krefeld (on the drive, sent you the invitation). If all the coding is done for Ulm, you can start these threads.

Contact me if any clarification/support is needed.

Hello good evening,

the ULM coding has been completed now. I will continue with the interviews from Frankfurt and Krefeld tomorrow.

A lovely evening to all of you,


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@Jos was at the Stuttgart event yesterday - 26 participants in the conversation (19 women) - uploads incoming.

For now, we can confirm the Cars meet Photographers and BBQ event, 10.06.-11.06. and we can discuss the others, @Nica, @SiriK


I am working on corrections. Unfortunately it takes much more time than expected.

The reason is, it was partially very loud in the hall - speeches at stage over loudspeakers - and sonix transcribed sometimes that speech putting it in the conversation with interview partners. So I must make many corrections.

Sorry for that, didn’t know it would be so loud and recorded. Sometimes I must try to read from lips, what they say.

I am trying to do it as fast as possible.

btw: I am prepared for Cars meet Photographers on two days, 10.06.-11.06., in Allstedt (near Leipzig).



Noted. You should take the directional microphone to Allsted to avoid this.

How many interviews are like that?
If it happened during all the interviews, try to clean as much as possible, possibly saving some time.
If there are some unusable, make a call - no sense in losing 2 hrs to clean one call, in my opinion.

@Nica, what do you think?

I was using directional micro. I will check it at evening, when back home.

Well yesterday I checked my mic. It seems, that iPhone is always using built-in-mic too, even an external directional mic is connected. I am later going to a shop to check what to do.

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So, Stuttgart is done. All corrected transcriptions and audio files are on Google Drive in the directory “StuttgartKarrieremesse…”
Fortunately not all interviews were close to the loudspeakers, so the last half was more easy to correct. But I will check today, what is with my devices. Report is coming as soon as possible.

Hello everyone,
@Jos, nice to e-meet you. I have a question regarding one interview with Axel and Marco in Krefeld: Are these the same persons and is part II a continuation of the interview or the same persons but another interview with them?
Many thanks for the clarifications!

Hi @SiriK nice to meet you too.
Part II is only continuation of the same interview. We finished the I-view and after that they start again to talk and I recorded it. That’s all.

I hope it helps you.


A few thoughts here – @jos if you recorded with the directional AND the built-in mike, is it possible you have two channels of sound, and one could be turned off?

If the iPhone main mic overrides it, do you perhaps have a digital recorder that could be used instead, or as a redundancy?

In terms of the existing files, how did you try to clean them up? There is an open source program called Audacity that is designed to, among other things, reduce background noise.

Let us know what the shop says – I agree with @ivan that we should not cross a certain threshold of efficiency in terms of how much time should be spent on cleaning them, but I wanted to get a more full sense of what the situation is with this batch, and if there is some quick tech fix.

So I am just back from shop. My directional microfon seems to be broken, they said. So all records in Stuttgart were made by built-in-microfons from iPhone. That is the reason, why the records are on one channel and so loud.

So I bought now a digital recorder. After charging I will check how is it functioning. It is with a directional mic, so it should be no problem anymore.

To save time I didn’t use any cleaning program. The first files were noisy, so I was worrying, but other files weren’t so loud. So it was not to much time spent.


okay, that is all good news! Thank you for the update.

Report Stuttgart is online too.

@jos, great, many thanks for the clarification.



Hello @matthias, nice to e-meet you. I have a favor to ask: would it be possible to grant me permission to change users’ activities so I can post interviews with several interviewees and don’t have to wait 23 hours to continue? Or shall I write you about which users are concerned once it happens?
Many thanks,

My new device, voice recorder, is working properly. I checked it. Hope it will work always well. Usually I am checking my devices before use, my microfon was working good before travel to Stuttgart. After first interview I checked the record, it seemed to be OK, noise not to high. But maybe my microfon was already at that time broken, Not only automotive nightmares :slight_smile:

@matthias, right now, users kev_31 and fra_32 are stagnated to post.
Thanks a lot for your help!