Treasure events: TechBlik in Berlin 2023

TechBlik in Berlin on 17-18 October 2023 under the title of The Future of Electronics reshaped is a good opportunity to continue our research on “specialised communities” and cross pollination of expertise.

It is one in a chain of events that gathers quite a crowd of experts and innovators and can provide very interesting insights.

Since it is in Berlin, it would be great if @jos (confirmed) and @SiriK (only if you are in Berlin, if you are in Bern, no worries) attended. Interviews, possibly groups.

@jos, could you send the usual accreditation request? If they refuse, we will buy the ticket because it is well worth it.
@Nica - do we need a specific set of questions for this kind of public?

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I´m already in touch with TechBlick with their CEO Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and wrote them a request for accreditation.
The wi-fi here where I am is not really good, often down.

As soon as I get an answer I let you know. btw, how big is discount from Stephan? I got a discount for newsletter registration about 100 Euro.

Ok, they are very fast. I got now the answer from Khasha:
"Hi Jos,
You would be very welcome to join
Chris will add you on the admission list and you can pick up your badge at the reception


Could you please ask one for Sirin Knecht (@SiriK) too (just in case she is in Berlin and not in Bern)?
You can present her as your colleague which might help with the interviews.

It is bigger than that, but if the accreditations should be free, right?

accreditation should be free, of course.
OK, I will ask an additional accreditation for Sirin. Maybe it is better to ask, when she knows that she is in Berlin and coming to the event.

It’s made fast, but if she don’t come, I don’t know how they see it.


Hi there @ivan , I am Berlin (I do reside here) but unfortunately I can’t do Tuesday, October 17th. Let me check tonight whether Wednesday would be an option and I will come back to you ASAP? Thanks for the organization @jos!

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Hello Sirin,

it would be great to have you there too. I think it would provide a valuable different perspective in addition to all the data that Jos has been gathering.
I propose you coordinate directly with @Nica about your engagement.

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Coming back to this one, @SiriK - if you are available on 18 October, @jos should request a pass for you too. He’ll probably need some details to submit it.

@ivan, apologies for the tardy reply. I had a meeting with @Nica last Saturday and we talked about my engagement and to availability for the TechBlik in berlin 2023. veronica made a summary in our “code master thread” and I falsely thought you were also reading it. unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate, however, I am available for the coding of any German interview transcripts that may come from that event.

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