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Hi Alberto

Very exciting to read your tweet below, which chimes well with some sci-fi writing I’ve done myself. I’ve tried to imagine an accounting approach that can integrate impact. I refer to this as Triple Entry Bookkeeping, and published a sci-fi paper exploring the concept, see

Answering the questions from the website:

 1. Who you are (one paragraph).

Karl H Richter – is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of EngagedX, which is a specialist consulting company in the field of social impact investing. It focuses on thought leadership, research, product development, advocacy, and policy. Karl is an advisor to the ixo Foundation, the China Alliance of Social Value Investment, and the Global Value Exchange; and a guest lecturer at Oxford University Saïd Business School for the executive training programmes on impact management and social impact investing. Karl recently served a 12 month assignment as Head of Research and Knowledge at the United Nations SDG Impact Finance initiative (UNSIF), where he focused on launching its research agenda and establishing principles for SDG impact management and certification. Previously he led the OECD’s data standardisation work-stream on social impact investing, covering financial and impact performance reporting as well as market segmentation; was a Member of the European Commission’s expert group on social entrepreneurship (GECES); led the production of the global-first financial benchmark for social impact investing (featured as exemplar by the OECD to the G7); was appointed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre to develop a meta-framework for impact management; frequent conference speaker, including invitation by the US Secretary of State as plenary speaker for the Global Impact Economy Forum at the US State Department.

 2. Why you are interested in being part of the Science Fiction Economics Lab (two paragraphs).

I hope my sci-fi writing on the topic aligns with what you’re trying to achieve, and I would love to debate the concepts with people exploring similar ideas … it uses the sci-fi genre and a story-telling narrative to explore a utopian vision for fixing capitalism. This approach was taken because sci-fi allows us the creativity to explore an alternative reality. It frees us from preconceptions and the inertia of habit. However, sci-fi is also rooted in practical feasibility - it is not fantasy.

This thought experiment allows us to ask: ‘if our socio-economic construct was different - how could capitalism be improved?’

 3. What you would like to work on (maximum four paragraphs).

Fixing capitalism through designing an accounting system that can integrate impact, both positive and negative. See paper via URL above.

 4. Whether you plan to be in Brussels on November 11-12 2019 for the Lab’s maiden voyage.

Not sure yet - but I would love to!

Look forward to hearing from you.



… and hear from me you did. Welcome @Karl!

Thanks Alberto - excited to be involved!