Trying, failing, learning and eventually succeeding. Together

Taken as a whole Edgeryders community, as [Vinay] put it somewhere, has enough talent (and knowledge, experience and creativity) within it’s reach to put any Fortune 500 company to shame. We are trying to make place for the kind of meaningful initiatives, knowledge, collaborations and efforts in general that taken together enable transformation in how we interact with one another and our environments. Online and in meatspace. The transition from a research project at a European Insitution to an independent organisation driven for, and by, the community with the same name is still under way. As a new kind of organisation of people working together in new ways we are at the beginning of a steep learning curve. Whether

In various threads around the platform, the idea of producing some kind of guide to getting meaningful projects off the ground has been popping up. Another place where the discussion about this has run in parallel is in the unMonastery group. There is an idea that we want to share what we are learning about building an unMonastery, and in extension a healthier and more meaningful working culture, in a way that would support and encourage others to set up their own unMonasteries.  for the outcome of lote3, the experiences, stories, discussions, insights, and knowledge to be synthesised into some kind of beautiful output called a Cookbook. The

So we need to develop a concept and nice format/ narrative or storytelling.Also at this point maybe it would be a good to weave in the video-documentation discussion and the crowdfunding conversation? I think the following template is very user