[Twitterstorm] Create a dashboard/page with tweets and chat

Because the twitterstorm involves real time coordination among many team members and beyond (open to anyone who wants to learn how it works!), we need a single location to be our public dashboard: a page with

  • key tweets that can be shared at a click of a button (sample tweets example
  • a hashtag embedded and
  • a chat room. @Ben remembers this as he is among the promoters. @mamaduka perhaps can also offer some advice on ways to built it?

Who wants to help set this up?

Tentative date for futurespotters twitterstorm is 12th of May (tbc)

twitter storm tweets ?

@Noemi  I am getting confused now , Is the twitter storm tomorrow ?

because the file that contains the tweets is not finailized I think I was translating to arabic but some tweets are from the lote event so I am not sure r we going to wait till we have something from this post or what

No we just send out the invitations tomorrow!

Twitterstorm is scheduled for May 12. We need to finalise all preparations and then send out instructions to everyone tomorrow to give it enough time to circulatye andf for people to find out about it in time!

thnx - it makes sense now :slight_smile:

ok :slight_smile:

use the event page i just set up for it!

No need for another page. Just embed tweets into there?

Marked as done