[Twitterstorm] Crowdsource influencer list from and for community

Edgeryders are learning together how to leverage our collective online presence to support individual community members initiatives or calls for participation. And it would be great if you were to join us in these experiments.

As part of preparing the twitterstorm [link to instructions] next week we are preparing a list of people with online traction who we know are interested in the kinds of initiatives, themes and discussions we are exploring together in futurespotters [link to the discussion wikis].

Do you know of anyone who we should reach out to or who you would like to see involved in the conversation in Armenia, Egypt or Georgia? Add their name and url to their twitter account, FB account or group, blog, or linkedin account : Armenia | Egypt | Georgia | International

We willl take all the comments and put them in a shared list  so any member who wants to promote something somewhere, has a ready list of people they can reach out to as a starting point. Its the kind of thing that is too much work for one person, or small group. But super easy for a large number.

Lets see how many we can get together by Friday!

do we add them here or is there a wiki?

hmm, most of the people I follow are tech/open source people rather than activism/civic engagement unfortunately. So not much to add, but just to get the ball rolling:

Helen Clark twitter.com/HelenClarkUNDP

Tactical Tech twitter.com/info_activism

Knight Foundation twitter.com/knightfdn

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Thanks! Commen or add them to a spreadsheet

then we move them onto a wiki on the platform: