[Twitterstorm] Prepare flyers, description text with links, status updates and email calling for twitterstorm participation

FB image descritions

Calling all futurespotters participants! Twitterstorm on Monday at XX:XX to prep your session! [url to program for the event, reuse code or just create events for each session?]

Before XX:XX Monday, pick your futurespotters session proposal here! [url to page equivalent of this one for all event tracks: /t/making-lote3/360/making-track-1-calling-all-session-proponents]

Today at XX:XX CET on Twitter: people from around the globe share experiences, challenges, solutions and questions on how we are constructively building alternatives to things we dont like in our cultures, organisations and our own lives ahead of futurespotters in Tbilisi [url to]

futurespotters mailing list

I’m thinking that we can use the twitterstorm occasion to start keeping a tight communication around the June event by putting together a list with the whole futurespotters community and send out weekly emails with preparations summary and call to join community calls. I can start as early as next week… Loved the format last year and it worked!

works for me.

We need to make call to action very clear though.

Status updates + flyers : done


I’ve uploaded the flyers in our drive with spot the future visuals for remix,

also put them on the twitterstorm page and they’re available for download.

Uploaded the social media calendar to start outreach

Will send the newsletter on Wednesday.