Two new tasks for team finance

Here are two new things we are taking on:

Creating a tranquil financial pipeline to buy the site

I would like to propose that, come October (after the compromis), we start paying our quotas in the account of the notary (pribably in instalments), so that we are ready for the deed at the beginning of September. This task is on me. I’ll contact Mark, ask for a meeting and, together with @reef-finance, come up with a proposal.

Incorporating ahead of time

We should also launch the société simple sooner, not later. The main advantage is that we can use it to sign the contract with the architects (and for that we do not even a bank account). This is relevant to @reef-building. But to do it, we need to solve the issue of the locked accounts strategy. Spiegel put it in its own statute; alternatively, we could also keep the statute as it is (modulo the change in qualified majority requested by @Lee), but ask shareholders to sign a contract whereby they commit to the locked accounts strategy.

Here the action point is to send Spiegel’s statute to the notary, accompanied by a request for advice: what does he think we should do? @LuciaM will do it. If we can clarify this, then we can incorporate online and it will take very little time.


Good morning,
I contacted the notary on this issue.
He promised he will come back at me with a date for a call.
Will call him tomorrow afternoon if I do not get an answer in the meantime.

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Good morning @reef-finance
We have an appointment with the notary Friday at 15:30.

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I’m not sure how long we can wait before signing the architects contract though. From what we’ve discussed we would only finalise that by end of september/early october right?
If you confirm the date, I would propose to explain the situation to them, and that we check with them that they are ok to work without a contract until then .

As you will be talking to him, I have a request to make.
We (Chris and I, but I expect we are not the only ones) would need to have advice from the notary on marital status and/or specific partners contract for getting into this. I tried to ask another notary but he said it would be best to do everything through the same notary.
Would it be possible to set up Q&A session with him or one of his assistant about this?

Not necessary. Once we agree on statutes, we can incorporate online.

Hi @Sarah,
The notary said each household that has particular case should book a private appointment (consultations with notary are free in Belgium fyi).
He will be on vacation next week (1-7 July) and between 15-30 August. His assistant will be away between 8-21 July.

At @alberto for better record-keeping, I tried to post the feedback from the notary on each specific topic. Would it be possible to link this thread to the other ones ?

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You can link a topic (which is the Discourse term for thread – Discourse is the software that runs the Edgeryders forum) simply by pasting its URL into a post. Like this: Société simple: figuring out the statutes - #43 by LuciaM

(the link I pasted is

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Thanks for you answer!
Is email the best way to contact him?

I would advise an email and a follow up call in the day