Two questions to RF we need answered very soon

I am starting with a very rough draft of the Matera application. There are two things I really need to know right away:

  • is it ok for us to submit a "sub-network" of cities, as we envisage?
  • what's the link policy? Do we embed links in the text like this or like this: ? More specifically, what's the reference policy?

I think it kind of makes sense that all of this stuff goes through Arthur. Arthur, what do you think?

Accepted …

I have written to Tyler Ahn already about the sub network…have not heard back…

I will write this evening to her about the links policy.


RF response to 2 questions.

  1. links are not allowed ( except for the map). Applications are to be self contained, complete in and of themselves only.

  2. Each city is to complete its own application in its own words and style. Otherwise, collaboration is welcomed and should be made explicit and acknowledged.

Copy that

Understood. Thanks!