UI development, Sustainability, Worldbuilding, Collaboration, Creativity


I don’t have a specific pitch, but I still feel like I might have something relevant to contribute because creativity, collaboration, and technology are my passions.

As a kid, I was writing, drawing, building fictional worlds, building my own board games. I was a relentless dungeon master, fantasy reader and so on. Later I got a computer and all the possibilities in the online world completely consumed me.

I taught myself the dark technology called JavaScript and started a freelance career building web apps.
My main specialty is Ember.js (this forum runs on Ember :slight_smile: ), and now I’m dabbling with React.

I had a lot of smaller freelance projects in the past, building interactive dashboards and admins and various kinds of different websites.

I was working in a startup studio TopMonks (https://www.topmonks.com/),
I worked remotely for a Finnish startup Leadfeeder (https://www.leadfeeder.com/),
and now I am teaching programming in a coding academy (https://www.greenfoxacademy.com/).

Besides working in tech since always, I studied environmental science to see the world in a wider context. My bachelor thesis focused on indoor air pollution. I’m grateful for the knowledge I received and I’d love to use my technical skills towards improving sustainability. I’m seriously considering getting magisters in anthropology before I’m 30 :upside_down_face:.

I have quite a few project drafts that I’d like to work on in the future when I’m experienced and ready. The ambitious ones focus on climate change or for example collaborative worldbuilding, so far I’ll just scout around.


Welcome! Very glad that you are here. And based on your experience and interest I think you could make significant contributions in a lot of topics here.

Hello @MartinMalinda,

Sounds great! Would you like to participate in events of the Edgryders festival regarding Deep Green Tech?