UNASDG partnership with Neutrino Energy Group

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United Nations Sustainable Development Group

Its strategic priorities are to respond to the Triennial comprehensive policy review (TCPR) – which became in 2008 the Quadrennial comprehensive policy review (QCPR) – and global development priorities, as well as to ensure the UN development system becomes more internally focused and coherent. The UNSDG strategic priorities give direction to UNSDG members’ efforts at the global, regional and country level to facilitate a step change in the quality and impact of UN support at the country level.[1] The UNSDG (at the time the UNDG) was one of the main UN actors involved in the development of the [Post-2015 Development Agenda]

Partnership with Neutrino Energy Group
Neutrinovoltaic is a technology used to convert the thermal (Brownian) motion of graphene atoms and the energy of the surrounding fields of invisible radiation, including neutrinos, into electric current using a multilayer graphene-based nanomaterial. The first patent applications were filed in 2013, and the invention is now protected by international patent WO2016142056A1.

This could be a really disruptive decentralized energy this could be a decentralized energy production technology that could change the destinies of the world and the approach to fossil energy. I invite all engineers, physicists and renewable energy experts to research this technology which has been on the market in beta testing for just a few months.