UNBREXABLE - Call for Contributions

Dear all,

the Centre for Human Ecology in Glasgow, Scotland is looking for contributions for our upcoming event series: UNBREXABLE - Caring & Connections in European Scotland

We are seeking proposals for contributions to the UNBREXABLE Conference, 2nd September 2017, 10am – 4pm, in the Pearce Institute, Glasgow: presentations, exhibitions, discussion groups, performances, screenings of relevant films… innovative formats are encouraged! - deadline 16th July

UNBREXABLE is the Centre for Human Ecology’s active response to Brexit: a series of interventions and a conference revolving around supporting and strengthening the kinds of emotional connections and caring- and grassroots European solidarity and movements- which are too often left out of political debates.

The UNBREXABLE conference on 2nd September 2017 will take a transdisciplinary approach. We are looking for contributions from scholars, activists, artists, practitioners and anyone with a voice and perspective that can add to the conversation through presentations, exhibitions, discussion groups, performances, screenings of relevant films or other contributions around the following themes:

  • strategies and tactics to resist Brexit (e.g. the role of citizen diplomacy, constitutional crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer networking and the Internet of Agreements)
  • strengthening pan-European movements to challenge neoliberal European governance and build alternatives that foster social and ecological justice (e.g. Degrowth, basic income, feminism and co-operative economics)
  • how to build migrant solidarity and nurture friendship and community for all
  • resisting nativist populism and the far-right in Scotland
  • historical and cultural perspectives on European Scotland

We would particularly value some input from European networks of solidarity. We will provide a venue, promotion and can pay a limited amount of expenses for travel and materials (please state how much you need in advance, and we will let you know if it’s possible). Currently we do not have a budget to pay fees to all contributors, but if we are successful in our quest for match funding, this may change.


Please send proposals of no longer than 200 words, including a title, outline, format, how it fits in with the themes and/or framework of Unbrexable, together with a short biography, to info@che.ac.uk


You can find more information on the CHE website.

Please spread the word widely through your networks, and anyone who might be interested. Thank you!

Warm wishes,

Svenja on behalf of the UNBREXABLE Team


Much needed

Hello @Svenja_Meyerricks , welcome to Edgeryders – I don’t think I had seen you post yet.

This seems like a great initiative, much needed. Count on us to spread the word. I am considering applying myself, in fact. Also ping @Owen .

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Thanks, it’d be great to have you there!