Understanding the tech stack

I’m diving into understanding how the Edgeryders tech stack works.
It’s becoming increasingly important that I get some in-depth developer knowledge around the tech since I find myself trying to answer questions about out current tech without having any real experience with it.

Could you point me towards any documentation or overviews? For example, of how EdgeSense, OpenEthnographer and GraphRyder fit together and how they are deployed, what frameworks they’re using, etc.

Hello Hugi,

all the documentation should be in the Documentation category, but some of it has not been written yet. Specifically we have only this:

Open Ethnographer is based on Annotator.js and written in Ruby on Rails, and integrated with the Discourse backend and frontend. It also lives in the same codebase.

For the other tools, you can find bits and pieces in this category:


But there are no full manuals that I know of. Edgesense is written in Python. Both Edgesense and GraphRyder are stand-alone tools that are meant to get their data from Discourse via a JSON API. Discourse offers API access to all its data out-of-the-box (as it is the native interface between the JavaScript application in the browser and the Discourse server).

To find out more about these tools, you have to talk to Alberto and people Alberto points you to. Once you find it out, please document it in manuals for these tools in the Documentation category.

Excellent, thanks! I’ll look into this.

@alberto, could you give some insight into Edgesense and Graphryder?