unDojo activities


unDojo activities :

Focus on Social connections



*checking in, share what is going on for you, what you would like

*have some time to be social

*continue conversation

*start a new conversation


*connect to others

*Human team base (?)


*create synergies

Physical exercises



*laughter salon

*physical well-being exercises (David)

*Bodywork exchange

*drink tea

Mental exercises

*1on1 exchanges (workshops)


*Finding creative inspiration

Focus on the peace







*focusing, finding meaning, purpose in action


*Finding pathways to self-acceptance

*connect to yourself

*connect to Nature (this can be done in the Nature, by the river)

Physical exercises

*drink tea

*lie down


Mental exercises


*agreed episodes of silence

*have some time by yourself

Focus on Skills


Soft skills workshops:

*upSkilling collaboration

*upSkilling in Sharing

*upSkilling in Empathy

*upSkilling in soft skills

*upSkilling in Listening Skills (using w/shop exercises)

*wtf is upSkilling (Michael)

*downSkilling and some Skiing too (Michael)


*constructive meta-conversations about the event (what can we improve)

*how can we improve ways to make the meaningful projects happen-ongoing track

*I guess everyone already has skills in most things so its how to lift them to a higher plateau (but what if I’m afraid of heights?)

*how do we continue after the event

*how do we care about and support each other-ongoing track

Hard skills workshops

*how to make good events (Dorotea)

*The Art of Hosting (David)

David  ~ love it!