UNDP Armenia, Egypt, Georgia: What Next?

The main purpose of Spot the Future was for UNDP to experiment with and learn new methodologies of reaching out to individuals that have the super minds and creativity for coming up with solutions for some of our deepest societal challenges. Furthermore the mindset of co-creation and collaboration is clearly becoming prominent (both individually and institutionally) as a mechanism to basically enforce change in the world (no matter how minor it may be).

An online exercise was in place for engaging change makers, identifying new solutions for development problems, connecting mutually beneficial people to one another, successful physical workshops were held in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia, and finally an ethnography report will be produced and the final event will be over.

However, as UNDP we don’t want it to be over.

In this session, UNDP Armenia, UNDP Egypt and UNDP Georgia will engage participants in a collective brainstorming session on ways of moving forward. This will be an open discussion where we will identify together the lessons learned, challenges and opportunities for post-spot the future in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia.

We are looking forward to your support, creativity and feedback.

See you all there!

Date: 2014-06-23 20:00:00 - 2014-06-26 20:00:00, Asia/Tbilisi Time.

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