Une idea from each country

Creation and inovation are going together and make a work of art. Each idea from each culture can halp make this conference be like a value “painting”

Why stop at one?

Hey Ilinca, good to meet you.

Oh, hopefully we will generate much more than one idea per country. Romanians - quite a few of you are coming, and we expect lots of ideas!


You do well in expecting many ideas from the Romanian participants!!

I hope that we, all together, will succesfully transmit our needs, problems, solutions, innovations to the EU`s Policy Makers. I am preety sure that  we’ll take benefit of this tremenduous opportunities to enlarge our networking.



You can start online

Amen to that, Alexandru :slight_smile:

Actually, you don’t have to wait for the conference. It’s much better to start the interaction here on the website: this means that you will be much more effective at the conference, because more people will know you (through your mission reports and your comments) and you yourself will have a better idea of what is going on here.

Can I suggest something? Tell us your own, personal transition story by doing this mission. And then, take some time to read and comment the mission reports of others.